For more information on how to use the nCounter® Analysis System, nCounter® assays, and  nSolver™ software, browse the video gallery to learn tips and tricks for getting the most out of your nCounter assays.

Gene Expression Overview

nSolver Software Installation (Windows)

nSolver Software Installation (Mac)

nSolver Software Installation (Mac)

Data QC for Gene Expression

nSolver 3D Data QuickStart

nSolver Data Import for Gene Expression

nSolver Data Import for Gene Expression Data

nSolver Experiment Wizard

nSolver Experiment Wizard

Review data in nSolver

Exporting from nSolver

nSolver Review

Setting up an Advanced Analysis

Introduction and QC Advanced Analysis Results

Setting up a PanCancer Immune Profiling Advanced Analysis

nCounter System Quick Tour

nCounter Prep Station

nCounter Prep Station O-Ring Lubrication (MAX/FLEX)

nCounter Digital Analyzer

Changing Reagents on the SPRINT

Loading a Sample Cartridge

(Part 1 of 2)

Loading a Sample Cartridge

(Part 2 of 2)

nDesign Quick Start

nDesign Standard CodeSets

nCounter Elements Chemistry Overview

nDesign Elements TagSets

Reordering nCounter Elements TagSets

nDesign nCounter Elements Extensions

Technology Overview

Direct Digital Counting of Nucleic Acids

Technology Overview

Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis

Technology Overview

nCounter Analysis and Cancer Research

Technology Overview

Analyzing FFPE Samples

miRNA Assay Protocol

miRNA Assay Sample Preparation