Training in Your Lab

NanoString offers a variety of training options to fit your needs. Whether you need training on our instruments, applications, or data analysis, our team of experts will provide the knowledge and skills you need to advance your work. Contact to discuss your training needs.

Onsite Training for Instruments and Applications

Get hands-on training from one of our Applications Scientists in your own lab. Designed for new or existing users, this course can include a hands-on session as well as fully customizable seminars on the applications of your choice. These training programs include all of the necessary reagents and materials for any wet lab exercises. Download a Training Brochure.

Remote Training for Data Analysis Support

Let us show you how to analyze your data using the nSolver™ software. This personalized course is designed for all users, from beginner to advanced, and is led by one of our Applications or Technical Support Scientists. For new users, we will cover how to import your nCounter® data, perform quality control, normalize, and generate data plots. For advanced users, we help you build a custom Advanced Analysis and review the module outputs generated with your dataset. This course will be designed with you to ensure that you and your team get the training and experience you need to maximize your NanoString data.

Consultation and Data Analysis Services

NanoString is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your data. Our highly trained and experienced staff will partner with you in designing and executing a personalized comprehensive data analysis plan. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Download a Data Analysis Brochure.