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Gene Expression

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Panel-Plus and CodeSet-Plus

Gene Fusion

3D Biology

Protein Expression

SNV Detection



Software and Analysis

Gene Expression

Gene Fusions

miRNA and CNV

3D Biology

CodeSet & TagSet


Master Kit Components


SPRINT Reagent Pack


GeoMx™ Digital Spatial Profiler


Includes: anti-CD45 Visualization Marker; anti-PanCK Visualization Marker; anti-S100B/a-PMEL


miRNA Reagents


Additional Reagents

Includes: miRNA Assay Controls; Custom CNV Fragmentation Controls; miRNA Tag Reagent; Oligo Pools; Panel Standards; PCR Primers; Primer Pools; Probe Pools; Target Pools​


Includes: Anti-PD1 Controls; Anti-PD1 Reference Samples; Clinical Controls; LST Reference Samples; LST Training Samples; Prosigna Reference Samples; Prosigna® Training Samples


Includes: Antibody Conjugate Mix; Antibody Mix; RNA:Protein; Protein Kit


Includes: Sprint Reagent B; Buffer H​


Includes: Sprint Reagent A; Buffer S​


​Includes: 5x dU Amp Master Mix (SNV)


Includes: 5x dT Amp Master Mix (Low Input)


Includes: 10x RT Enzyme Mix (Low Input)


Includes: 10x RT Primer Mix (Low Input)


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.