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  • Record the lot number of the reagents you use with each experiment. Many users will peel the labels from CodeSet tubes, cartridges, and plates and insert these directly into a lab notebook for easy reference.
  • When you set up a run, stay with your instrument for the first 5–10 minutes to ensure that the instrument initializes without errors. In general, any errors that occur during this time will be recoverable.
  • Always check your data for quality control immediately after each run, even if you are not ready to perform your complete data analysis at that time. Checking your data after each run is especially important if you are performing a large experiment over many months.
  • Protect your runs from power loss by using an emergency power outlet to power your nCounter® instrument. If one is not available, we recommend using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), part number UPS-USDM-110.
  • For faster response time when contacting Technical Support, attach your instrument log files to an email request to