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Welcome to NanoString University

Ready to take your gene expression and spatial biology experiments to the next level? Welcome to NanoU where you can learn everything you need to become an expert in running experiments on your nCounter® system and GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP)! NanoU features course offerings ranging from self-guided videos, instructor led live and interactive courses all the way to hands-on learning at our headquarters in Seattle, WA.

nCounter Academy

Our nCounter Academy virtual training resources will allow you to come up to speed quickly on our different instruments and assays using our uniquely powerful and widely adopted nCounter technology. Here you will find curated specialized training videos to support your research needs, ranging from assay workflows to in-depth data analysis sessions. You can start with our pre-recorded nCounter instrument courses to learn the fundamentals and from there you can dive into advanced courses focused on specific assays and analyses. We continually update and add to our content, so save this link to get quick access to the latest training resources.

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GeoMx Academy

Here we have assembled several learning resources to help you on your path to becoming a scientific expert at using the GeoMx DSP in your research projects. Courses at the GeoMx Academy will provide basic ‘101’ trainings to help build a foundation on spatial biology and the type of applications it supports. From there, GeoMx Academy offers advanced courses that will ensure that you successfully reveal novel biology in your research. These include live interactive group lessons around different topics, such as specific workflow trainings or product application trainings offered on a continual basis.