nCounter® Technology

The nCounter Analysis System utilizes a novel digital barcode technology for direct multiplexed measurement of analytes and offers high levels of precision and sensitivity (< 1 copy per cell). The technology uses molecular "barcodes" and single molecule imaging for the direct hybridization and detection of hundreds of unique transcripts in a single reaction.

Each color-coded barcode is attached to a single target-specific probe corresponding to an analyte of interest. Combined together with invariant controls, the probes form a multiplexed CodeSet.

  • Multiplex hundreds of targets in a single reaction with the ability to analyze DNA, RNA, and protein simultaneously
  • Fully automated system, exceptionally easy-to-use
  • No enzymes or library prep required to perform assay

Each color-coded barcode represents a single target molecule. Barcodes hybridize directly to your target molecules and can be individually counted without the need for amplification—providing sensitive digital data.

NanoString protein analysis leverages antibodies for detection of proteins of interest that are barcoded with unique synthetic DNA oligonucleotides. This enables protein detection where each DNA oligonucleotide is recognized by a unique Reporter probe that contains a fluorescent barcode.

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nCounter® Technology

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.