Hyb & Seq™ Technology

Hyb & Seq™ - single molecule, direct digital sequencing technology

  • Highly accurate single molecule sequencing 
  • Simultaneous capture and direct sequencing of DNA and RNA for a multitude of research applications
  • Simple and rapid sample preparation: from sample to sequencer in 60 minutes 
  • No library creation, enzymes or amplification
  • Short and long read sequencing


Technology Overview

DNA sequencing is an enabling tool for personalized medicinal research, but wide­spread implementation is hindered by complexities in sample preparation and sequence analysis. Hyb & Seq Technology is a library-free, amplification-free, single-molecule sequencing platform that uses cyclic nucleic acid hybridization of fluorescent molecular barcodes onto native targets. Hybridization-based sequencing enables the simplest sample-to-answer workflow; both DNA and RNA are directly sequenced with almost no manipulation of the input material. The advantages of single molecule sequencing include simple error correction, phased long reads and digital counting to elucidate DNA copy numbers and RNA levels.

 HnS graphic 1.PNG

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

The Hyb & Seq platform is currently in development targeting beta-instrument availability in 2019.