3D Biology™ Technology

Don't let sample volume limit your analytical aspirations. Quantify DNA, RNA, and protein in a single assay to use less precious material and uncover novel insights.

Based on the proven nCounter® digital molecular barcoding technology, 3D Biology simplifies your workflow and data analysis by comparing genotype and gene and protein expression in a single view. This approach eliminates the need for sequential testing and removes potential bias inherent in splitting samples and merging data from different platforms, which allows for biological discrepancies between analytes to be directly identified. With the ability to multiplex up to 800 multi-analyte targets, 3D Biology technology allows you to extract more data from your most valuable samples.

The nCounter Analysis System utilizes digital barcode technology that can measure a variety of nucleic acids, including mRNA and miRNA, with high levels of precision and sensitivity. 3D Biology technology is built on this core probe design and adapted to detect SNV and protein utilizing standard NanoString chemistry.

NanoString protein analysis leverages antibodies for detection of proteins of interest that are barcoded with unique synthetic DNA oligonucleotides. This enables protein detection where each DNA oligonucleotide is recognized by a unique Reporter probe that contains a fluorescent barcode.

NanoString SNV analysis utilizes a unique probe design that enables highly specific detection of SNV with >95% sensitivity down to somatic allele frequencies of 5%. Each SNV assay is designed to detect the mutant allele of interest and a reference allele using a set of probes with novel architecture. Probe S has proprietary sequences that become unstable in the presence of a single nucleotide mismatch. Probe T is based on existing NanoString RNA probe chemistry.

With 3D Biology technology, DNA, RNA, and protein can all be detected utilizing the digital molecular barcoding technology to enable multi-analyte profiling from a single sample all on the nCounter platform.

Our nCounter Vantage 3D Assays are powered by 3D Biology technology and provide solutions across an expanding range of research areas. For more information visit our Vantage 3D Assays page or download our Vantage 3D Brochure.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.