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    Sikora M.J. et al., Invasive lobular carcinoma cell lines are characterized by unique estrogen-mediated gene expression patterns and altered tamoxifen response., [Epub ahead of print]., Cancer Res., Jan 14, 2014

    Cui W. et al., Frequent copy number variations of PI3K/AKT pathway and aberrant protein expressions of PI3K subunits are associated with inferior survival in diffuse large B cell lymphoma., [Epub ahead of print]., J. Trans. Med., Jan 13, 2014

    Rezen T. et al., Expression changes in human skeletal muscle miRNAs following 10 days of bed rest in young healthy males., [Epub ahead of print]., Acta. Physiologica., Jan 11, 2014

    Park S. et al., Aberrant CDK4 amplification in refractory Rhabdomyosarcoma as identified by genomic profiling., [Epub ahead of print]., Sci Rep., Jan 10, 2014

    Lira M.E. et al., A single-tube multiplexed assay for detecting ALK, ROS1, and RET fusions in lung cancer., [Epub ahead of print]., J. Molecular Diagnostics, Jan 10, 2014

    Zheng Z. et al., Inference of the Xenopus tropicalis embryonic regulatory network and spatial gene expression patterns., [Epub ahead of print]., BMC Systems Biology, Jan 08, 2014

    Scott D.W. et al., Determining cell-of-origin subtypes of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma using gene expression in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue., [Epub ahead of print]., Blood, Jan 07, 2014

    Sproul A.A. et al., Generation of iPSC lines from archived non-cryoprotected biobanked dura mater., [Epub ahead of print]., Acta Neuropathologica Commun., Jan 07, 2014

    Akula N. et al., RNA-sequencing of the brain transcriptome implicates dysregulation of neuroplasticity, circadian rhythms and GTPase binding in bipolar disorder., [Epub ahead of print]., Molecular Psychiatry., Jan 07, 2014

    Rogier E.W. et al., Secretory antibodies in breast milk promote long-term intestinal homeostasis by regulating the gut microbiota and host gene expression., [Epub ahead of print]., PNAS, Jan 06, 2014

    Ramesh R. et al., Pro-inflammatory human Th17 cells selectively express P-glycoprotein and are refractory to glucocorticoids., [Epub ahead of print]., J. Exp. Med., Jan 06, 2014

    Huang W-T et al., Inhibition of ZEB1 by miR-200 characterizes Helicobacter pylori-positive gastric diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with a less aggressive behavior., [Epub ahead of print]., Mod. Pathol., Jan 03, 2014

    Collins A.L. et al., A differential microRNA profile distinguishes cholangiocarcinoma from pancreatic adenocarcinoma., 21(1):133-138, Annals of Surgical Oncology, Jan 01, 2014

    Park J-L. et al., Forensic body fluid identification by analysis of multiple RNA markers using NanoString technology., [Epub ahead of print]., Genomics Inform, Dec 31, 2013

    Cortese A. et al., Widespread RNA metabolism impairment in sporadic inclusion body myositis TDP43-proteinopathy., [Epub ahead of print]., Neurobiology of Aging, Dec 30, 2013