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    Singh H, et al., Reprogramming CD19-specific T cells with IL-21 signaling can improve adoptive immunotherapy of B-lineage malignancies, 71(10):3516-27., Cancer Res, May 10, 2011

    Orlovsky K, et al., Down-regulation of homeobox genes MEIS1 and HOXA in MLL-rearranged acute leukemia impairs engraftment and reduces proliferation, vol. 108 no. 19 7956-7961., PNAS, May 10, 2011

    Reis PP, et al., mRNA transcript quantification in archival samples using multiplexed, color-coded probes., vol. 108 no. 19 7956-7961., BMC Biotechnol, May 09, 2011

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    Lin Y, et al., Effective posttransplant antitumor immunity is associated with TLR-stimulating nucleic acid?immunoglobulin complexes in humans, doi:10.1172/JCI44581., J Clin Invest, Apr 01, 2011

    Cools T, et al., The Arabidopsis thaliana Checkpoint Kinase WEE1 Protects against Premature Vascular Differentiation during Replication Stress., 23(4): 1435-48., Plant Cell, Apr 01, 2011

    Baugh LR, et al., Sensitive and Precise Quantification of Insulin-Like mRNA Expression in Caenorhabditis elegans., 6(3)., PLoS ONE, Mar 22, 2011

    Roberts A et al., Improving RNA-Seq expression estimates by correcting for fragment bias., 12(3):R22., Genome Biol., Mar 16, 2011

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    Bock C, et al., Reference Maps of Human ES and iPS Cell Variation Enable High-Throughput Characterization of Pluripotent Cell Lines, 144, 439-452., Cell, Feb 04, 2011

    Wurbel MA, et al., CCL25/CCR9 Interactions Regulate Large Intestinal Inflammation in a Murine Model of Acute Colitis, 6(1):e16442., PLoS ONE, Jan 25, 2011

    Beaume M, et al., Orientation and expression of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus small RNAs by direct multiplexed measurements using the nCounter of NanoString technology., 84(2):327-34., J Microbiol Methods, Dec 31, 2010

    Anakk S, et al., Combined deletion of Fxr and Shp in mice induces Cyp17a1 and results in juvenile onset cholestasis, 10.1172., The Journal of Clinical Investigation., Dec 01, 2010

    Kabacik S, et al., Gene expression following ionising radiation: Identification of biomarkers for dose estimation and prediction of individual response, Vol. 87; 1-15., Int. J. Radiat. Biol., Nov 10, 2010

    Okuzuki D et al., Genopalâ„¢: a novel hollow fibre array for focused microarray analysis., 17(6):369-79., DNA Res., Nov 08, 2010