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    Stewart C.A. et al., Interferon-dependent IL-10 production by Tregs limits tumor Th17 inflammation., [Epub ahead of print]., JCI, Oct 08, 2013

    Ingram W.J. et al., ABC transporter activity linked to radiation resistance and molecular subtype in pediatric medulloblastoma., [Epub ahead of print]., Experimental Hematology & Oncology, Oct 04, 2013

    Baker C.R. et al., Following gene duplication, paralog interference constrains transcriptional circuit evolution., 342, 6154: 104-108, Science, Oct 04, 2013

    Dey J. et al., MyoD Is a tumor suppressor gene in Medulloblastoma., [Epub ahead of print]., Cancer Res., Oct 03, 2013

    Guo G. et al., Mapping cellular hierarchy by single-cell analysis of the cell surface repertoire., [Epub ahead of time]., Cell Stem Cell, Oct 03, 2013

    Yuan H. et al., A chimeric RNA characteristic of Rhabdomyosarcoma in normal myogenesis., [Epub ahead of print]., Cancer Discovery, Oct 02, 2013

    Li E. et al., New regulatory circuit controlling spatial and temporal gene expression in the sea urchin embryo oral ectoderm GRN., 382, 1: 268-279, Dev. Biol., Oct 01, 2013

    Yasmeen R. et al., Aldehyde dehydrogenase-1a1 induces oncogene suppressor genes in B cell populations, [Epub ahead of print]., BBA-Molecular Cell Res., Sep 27, 2013

    Mirzoeva O.K. et al., Subtype-specific MEK-PI3 kinase feedback as a therapeutic target in pancreatic adenocarcinoma., [Epub ahead of print]., Mol Cancer Ther., Sep 26, 2013

    Markant S.L. et al., Targeting sonic hedgehog-associated medulloblastoma through inhibition of aurora and polo-like kinases., [Epub ahead of print]., Cancer Res., Sep 25, 2013

    Bali K.K. et al., Transcriptional mechanisms underlying sensitization of peripheral sensory neurons by Granulocyte-/Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factors., [Epub ahead of print]., Molecular Pain, Sep 25, 2013

    Karlsen T.A. et al., microRNA-140 targets RALA and regulates chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by translational enhancement of SOX9 and ACAN., [Epub ahead of print]., Stem Cells and Dev., Sep 24, 2013

    Naqvi A.R. et al., MicroRNAs responsive to Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans and Porphyromonas gingivalis LPS modulate expression of genes regulating innate immunity in human macrophages., [Epub ahead of print]., Innate Immunity, Sep 23, 2013

    Pyonteck S.M. et al., CSF-1R inhibition alters macrophage polarization and blocks glioma progression., [Epub ahead of print]., Nature Medicine, Sep 22, 2013

    Tyson C. et al., Expansion of a 12-kb VNTR containing the REXO1L1 gene cluster underlies the microscopically visible euchromatic variant of 8q21.2., [Epub ahead of print]., European Journal of Human Genetics, Sep 18, 2013