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    Parkar SG, Jobsis CMH, Trower TM, Cooney JM, Hedderley DI, Bentley-Hewitt KL Bioaminergic Responses in an In Vitro System Studying Human Gut Microbiota–Kiwifruit Interactions., , Microorganisms, Oct 15, 2020

    Herbst RS, Arkenau HT, Bendell J...Ferry D, Chao BH, Paz-Ares L Phase 1 Expansion Cohort of Ramucirumab Plus Pembrolizumab in Advanced Treatment-Naive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer., , J Thorac Oncol, Oct 14, 2020

    Donati S, Ciuffi S, Marini F, Palmini G, Miglietta F, Aurilia C, Brandi ML Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1: The Potential Role of microRNAs in the Management of the Syndrome., , Int J Mol Sci, Oct 14, 2020

    Gaikwad SM, Phyo Z, Arteaga AQ...Liu ZG, Schneekloth JS, Mock BA A Small Molecule Stabilizer of the MYC G4-Quadruplex Induces Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, Senescence and Pyroptosis in Multiple Myeloma., , Cancers (Basel), Oct 14, 2020

    Ramsower CA, Maguire A, Robetorye RS, Feldman AL, Syrbu SI, Rosenthal AC, Rimsza LM Clinical laboratory validation of the MCL35 assay for molecular risk stratification of mantle cell lymphoma., , J Hematop, Oct 14, 2020

    Mannhardt I, Saleem U, Mosqueira D...Denning C, Hansen A, Eschenhagen T Comparison of 10 Control hPSC Lines for Drug Screening in an Engineered Heart Tissue Format., , Stem Cell Reports, Oct 13, 2020

    Bidne KL, Rister AL, McCain AR, Hitt BD, Dodds ED, Wood JR Maternal Obesity Alters Placental Lysophosphatidylcholines, Lipid Storage, and the Expression of Genes Associated with Lipid Metabolismdagger., , Biol Reprod, Oct 13, 2020

    Wiesweg M, Mairinger F, Reis H...Schmid KW, Rahmann S, Schuler M Machine learning reveals a PD-L1-independent prediction of response to immunotherapy of non-small cell lung cancer by gene expression context., , Eur J Cancer, Oct 12, 2020

    Cazacu IM, Semaan A, Stephens B...Roy-Chowdhuri S, Maitra A, Bhutani MS Diagnostic value of digital droplet polymerase chain reaction and digital multiplexed detection of single nucleotide varients in pancreatic cytology specimens collected by EUS-guided FNA., , Gastrointest Endosc, Oct 12, 2020

    Demajo S, Albero R, Clot G...Bea S, Campo E, Jares P A cyclin D1-dependent transcriptional program predicts clinical outcome in mantle cell lymphoma., , Clin Cancer Res, Oct 12, 2020

    Kijpaisalratana N, Nimsamer P, Khamwut A, Payungporn S, Pisitkun T, Chutinet A, Utoomprurkporn N, Kerr SJ, Vongvasinkul P, Suwanwela NC Serum miRNA125a-5p, miR-125b-5p, and miR-433-5p as biomarkers to differentiate between posterior circulation stroke and peripheral vertigo., , BMC Neurol, Oct 10, 2020

    Vallve-Juanico J, Lopez-Gil C, Ponomarenko J, Melnychuk T, Castellvi J, Ballesteros A, Colas E, Gil-Moreno A, Santamaria Costa X External validation of putative biomarkers in eutopic endometrium of women with endometriosis using NanoString technology., , J Assist Reprod Genet, Oct 09, 2020

    Lowe PP, Morel C, Ambade A...Seyedkazemi S, Schafer DP, Szabo G Chronic alcohol-induced neuroinflammation involves CCR2/5-dependent peripheral macrophage infiltration and microglia alterations., , J Neuroinflammation, Oct 09, 2020

    Yau C, Gan ES, Kwek SS...Watanabe S, Vasudevan SG, Ooi EE Live vaccine infection burden elicits adaptive humoral and cellular immunity required to prevent Zika virus infection., , EBioMedicine, Oct 09, 2020

    West AC, Iversen M, Jørgensen EH, Sandve SR, Hazlerigg DG, Wood SH Diversified regulation of circadian clock gene expression following whole genome duplication., , PLoS Genet, Oct 09, 2020