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    Botton T et al., Genetic Heterogeneity of BRAF Fusion Kinases in Melanoma Affects Drug Responses, , Cell Rep, Oct 15, 2019

    Berendsen S et al., Adverse prognosis of glioblastoma contacting the subventricular zone: Biological correlates., , PLoS One, Oct 11, 2019

    Staiger AM et al., Localized and Advanced Stage Follicular Lymphomas Differ in their Gene Expression Profiles., , Blood, Oct 10, 2019

    Reyes-Ramos AM et al., Mesenchymal Cells Support the Oncogenicity and Therapeutic Response of the Hedgehog Pathway in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer., , Cancers (Basel), Oct 10, 2019

    McCloskey CW et al., Metformin Abrogates Age-Associated Ovarian Fibrosis, , Clin Cancer Res, Oct 09, 2019

    Le Teuff G et al., Phase II study of temozolomide and topotecan (TOTEM) in children with relapsed or refractory extracranial and central nervous system tumors including medulloblastoma with post hoc Bayesian analysis: A European ITCC study, , Pediatr Blood Cancer., Oct 08, 2019

    Pearson A et al., Inactivating NF1 mutations are enriched in advanced breast cancer and contribute to endocrine therapy resistance, , Clin Cancer Res, Oct 07, 2019

    Backhaus PS et al., Immunological Effects and Viral Gene Expression Determine the Efficacy of Oncolytic Measles Vaccines Encoding IL-12 or IL-15 Agonists., , Viruses, Oct 03, 2019

    Fako V et al., Gene signature predictive of hepatocellular carcinoma patient response to transarterial chemoembolization., , Int J Biol Sci, Oct 03, 2019

    Bhatia S et al., Intratumoral delivery of plasmid interleukin-12 via electroporation leads to regression of injected and non-injected tumors in Merkel cell carcinoma, , Clin Cancer Res, Oct 03, 2019

    Delmonico L et al., A Novel Panel of 80 RNA Biomarkers with Differential Expression in Multiple Human Solid Tumors against Healthy Blood Samples., , Int J Mol Sci, Oct 02, 2019

    Kim RD et al., First-in-Human Phase I Study of Fisogatinib (BLU-554) Validates Aberrant FGF19 Signaling as a Driver Event in Hepatocellular Carcinoma, , Cancer Discovery, Oct 01, 2019

    Tannenbaum CS et al., Mediators of Inflammation-Driven Expansion, Trafficking, and Function of Tumor-Infiltrating MDSCs, , Cancer Immunol Res, Oct 01, 2019

    Wettersten HI et al., Arming Tumor-Associated Macrophages to Reverse Epithelial Cancer Progression., , Cancer Res, Oct 01, 2019

    Yang H et al., STING activation reprograms tumor vasculatures and synergizes with VEGFR2 blockade., , J Clin Invest, Oct 01, 2019