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    Kim SH et al. Identification of recurrent FHL2-GLI2 oncogenic fusion in sclerosing stromal tumors of the ovary., , Nat Commun, Jan 02, 2020

    Rosell R et al., Novel molecular targets for the treatment of lung cancer., , Curr Opin Oncol, Jan 01, 2020

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    Leong WI et al., Low-dose metronomic cyclophosphamide complements the actions of an intratumoral C-class CpG TLR9 agonist to potentiate innate immunity and drive potent T cell-mediated anti-tumor responses., , Oncotarget, Dec 31, 2019

    Linge A et al., Comparison of detection methods for HPV status as a prognostic marker for loco-regional control after radiochemotherapy in patients with HNSCC., , Radiother Oncol., Dec 30, 2019

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    Zografos E et al., Prognostic role of microRNAs in breast cancer: A systematic review., , Oncotarget, Dec 24, 2019

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    Ahern E et al., Pharmacodynamics of Pre-Operative PD1 checkpoint blockade and receptor activator of NFkB ligand (RANKL) inhibition in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): study protocol for a multicentre, open-label, phase 1B/2, translational trial (POPCORN)., , Trials, Dec 19, 2019

    Denker S et al., A Phase I/II first-line study of R-CHOP plus B-cell receptor/NF-κB-double-targeting to molecularly assess therapy response., , Int J Hematol Oncol, Dec 19, 2019