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    Su M-J. et al., Pancreatic Cancer Cell Exosome-Mediated Macrophage Reprogramming and the Role of MicroRNAs 155 and 125b2 Transfection using Nanoparticle Delivery Systems, [Epub ahead of print]., Sci. Reports, Jul 22, 2016

    Hilly O. et al., Distinctive pattern of let-7 family microRNAs in aggressive carcinoma of the oral tongue in young patients, [Epub ahead of print]., Oncol. Lett., Jul 20, 2016

    Han S. et al., The pancreatic tumor microenvironment drives changes in miRNA expression that promote cytokine production and inhibit migration by the tumor associated stroma, [Epub ahead of print]., Oncotarget, Jul 20, 2016

    Wilson T.R. et al., The molecular landscape of high-risk early breast cancer: comprehensive biomarker analysis of a phase III adjuvant population, [Epub ahead of print]., Breast Cancer, Jul 13, 2016

    Pearce D.A. et al., Tumour sampling method can significantly influence gene expression profiles derived from neoadjuvant window studies, [Epub ahead of print]., Sci. Reports, Jul 07, 2016

    Latchana N. et al., Global MicroRNA Profiling for Diagnostic Appraisal of Melanocytic Spitz Tumors, [Epub ahead of print]., J. Surgical Res., Jul 04, 2016

    Itinteang T. et al., Cancer stem cells in moderately differentiated oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma express components of the renin-angiotensin system., [Epub ahead of print]., J. Clin Pathol., Jul 01, 2016

    Chan M.H.N. et al., ADAR-mediated RNA editing predicts progression and prognosis of Gastric Cancer, [Epub ahead of print]., Gastroenterology, Jul 01, 2016

    Yang S. et. al., A Novel MIF Signaling Pathway Drives the Malignant Character of Pancreatic Cancer by Targeting NR3C2, [Epub ahead of print]., Cancer Res., Jul 01, 2016

    Weaver A.N. et al., Notch Signaling Activation is Associated with Patient Mortality and Increased FGF1-mediated Invasion in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity., [Epub ahead of print]., Mol. Can. Res., Jun 27, 2016

    Ramberg H. et al., PBX3 is a putative biomarker of aggressive prostate cancer, [Epub ahead of print]., Int. J. Cancer, Jun 25, 2016

    Lee J.Y. et al., Gene Expression Profiling of Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis, [Epub ahead of print]., Scientific Reports, Jun 24, 2016

    Donato E. et al., Compensatory RNA polymerase 2 loading determines the efficacy and transcriptional selectivity of JQ1 in Myc-driven tumors, [Epub ahead of print]., Leukemia, Jun 24, 2016

    Cubasch H. et al., South African Breast Cancer and HIV Outcomes Study: Methods and Baseline Assessment., [Epub ahead of print]., J. Global Oncology, Jun 22, 2016

    Makhlouf A-M. et al., Identification of CHEK1, SLC26A4, c-KIT, TPO and TG as new biomarkers for human follicular thyroid carcinoma., , Oncotarget, Jun 18, 2016