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    Asrat S. et al., The frustrated host response to Legionella pneumophila is bypassed by MyD88-dependent translation of pro-inflammatory cytokines., [Epub ahead of print]., PLoS Pathogens, Jul 24, 2014

    Donlin L.T. et al., Modulation of TNF-Induced Macrophage Polarization by Synovial Fibroblasts., [Epub ahead of print]. , J. Immunol., Jul 23, 2014

    Zhu S. et al., Transcription of the activating receptor NKG2D in natural killer cells is regulated by STAT3 tyrosine phosphorylation., [Epub ahead of print]., Blood, Jul 17, 2014

    Kumaresan P.R. et al., Bioengineering T cells to target carbohydrate to treat opportunistic fungal infection., [Epub ahead of print]., PNAS, Jul 07, 2014

    Yamasaki R. et al., Differential roles of microglia and monocytes in the inflamed central nervous system., [Epub ahead of print]., J. Exp. Med., Jul 07, 2014

    Stifano G. et al., Chronic Toll-like receptor 4 stimulation in skin induces inflammation, macrophage activation, transforming growth factor beta signature gene expression, and fibrosis., [Epub ahead of print]., Arthritis Research & Therapy, Jul 01, 2014

    Ferreira R. et al., IL-4 type 1 receptor signaling up-regulates KCNN4 expression, and increases the KCa3.1 current and its contribution to migration of alternative-activated microglia., [Epub ahead of print]., Front. Cell. Neurosci, Jun 30, 2014

    Hu X. et al., Regulation of gene expression in autoimmune disease loci and the genetic basis of proliferation in CD4+ effector memory T Cells., [Epub ahead of print]., PLoS Genetics, Jun 26, 2014

    Singh A. et al., Th17/Treg ratio derived using DNA methylation analysis is associated with the late phase asthmatic response., [Epub ahead of print]., Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology, Jun 24, 2014

    Schmidt-Lauber C. et al., Gadolinium-based compounds induce NLRP3-dependent IL-1β production and peritoneal inflammation., [Epub ahead of print]., Ann Rheum Dis., Jun 06, 2014

    Pukkila-Worley R. et al., The Evolutionarily Conserved Mediator Subunit MDT-15/MED15 Links Protective Innate Immune Responses and Xenobiotic Detoxification, [Epub ahead of print]., PLoS Pathogens, May 29, 2014

    Chang C.W. et al., Broad T-Cell Receptor Repertoire in T-Lymphocytes Derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells., [Epub ahead of print]., PLoS ONE, May 14, 2014

    Wang T. et al., GATA-3 expression identifies a high-risk subset of PTCL, NOS with distinct molecular and clinical features., 123: 3007-3015, Blood, May 08, 2014

    Ambrose Z. et al., Dysregulation of multiple inflammatory molecules in lymph node and ileum of macaques during RT-SHIV infection with or without antiretroviral therapy., [Epub ahead of print]., Journal of Medical Primatology., May 01, 2014

    Drewes J.L. et al., Attenuation of pathogenic immune responses during Infection with human and simian Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV/SIV) by the tetracycline derivative minocycline., [Epub ahead of print]., PLoS ONE, Apr 14, 2014