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    Chan JY, Lim JQ, Yeong J...Futreal A, Teh BT, Soo KC Multiomic analysis and immunoprofiling reveal distinct subtypes of human angiosarcoma., , J Clin Invest, Oct 05, 2020

    Wang X, Tan Y, Zhang Y...Mao Q, Ai C, Hua Q The novel glycyrrhetinic acid-tetramethylpyrazine conjugate TOGA induces anti-hepatocarcinogenesis by inhibiting the effects of tumor-associated macrophages on tumor cells., , Pharmacol Res, Oct 05, 2020

    Kim SI, Chaurasiya S, Park AK, Kang S, Lu J, Woo Y, Yin HH, Yin Z, Fong Y, Warner SG Vitamin D as a Primer for Oncolytic Viral Therapy in Colon Cancer Models., , Int J Mol Sci, Oct 04, 2020

    Chatzopoulos K, Sotiriou S, Collins AR...Zarka MA, Patel SH, Garcia JJ Transcriptomic and Immunophenotypic Characterization of Tumor Immune Microenvironment in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Tongue., , Head Neck Pathol, Oct 03, 2020

    Golden JW, Cline CR, Zeng X...Fitzpatrick C, Badger CV, Hooper JW Human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 transgenic mice infected with SARS-CoV-2 develop severe and fatal respiratory disease., , JCI Insight, Oct 02, 2020

    Gan ES, Tan HC, Le DHT, Huynh TT, Wills B, Seidah NG, Ooi EE, Yacoub S Dengue virus induces PCSK9 expression to alter antiviral responses and disease outcomes., , J Clin Invest, Oct 01, 2020

    Lai AY, Sorrentino JA, Dragnev KH...Malik RK, Strum JC, Roberts PJ CDK4/6 inhibition enhances antitumor efficacy of chemotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibitor combinations in preclinical models and enhances T-cell activation in patients with SCLC receiving chemotherapy., , J Immunother Cancer, Oct 01, 2020

    McConnel CS, Crisp SA, Biggs TD, Ficklin SP, Parrish LM, Trombetta SC, Sischo WM, Adams-Progar A A Fixed Cohort Field Study of Gene Expression in Circulating Leukocytes From Dairy Cows With and Without Mastitis., , Front Vet Sci, Oct 01, 2020

    Albert Vega C, Oriol G, Bartolo F...Textoris J, Mallet F, Trouillet-Assant S Deciphering heterogeneity of septic shock patients using immune functional assays: a proof of concept study., , Sci Rep, Sep 30, 2020

    Perry DJ, Titov AA, Sobel ES, Brusko TM, Morel L Immunophenotyping reveals distinct subgroups of lupus patients based on their activated T cell subsets., , Clin Immunol, Sep 29, 2020

    Maucher D, Schmidt B, Kuhlmann K, Schumann J Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids of Both the Omega-3 and the Omega-6 Family Abrogate the Cytokine-Induced Upregulation of miR-29a-3p by Endothelial Cells., , Molecules, Sep 29, 2020

    Korvatska O, Kiianitsa K, Ratushny A...Bammler TK, Bird TD, Raskind WH Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cell 2 R47H Exacerbates Immune Response in Alzheimer’s Disease Brain., , Front Immunol, Sep 25, 2020

    Cortez MA, Masrorpour F, Ivan C...Calin G, Hwu P, Welsh JW Bone morphogenetic protein 7 promotes resistance to immunotherapy., , Nat Commun, Sep 24, 2020

    Ren HM, Lukacher AE IL-21 in Homeostasis of Resident Memory and Exhausted CD8 T Cells during Persistent Infection., , Int J Mol Sci, Sep 22, 2020

    Lopez-Ozuna VM, Gupta I, Kiow RLC, Matanes E, Kheraldine H, Yasmeen A, Khalil A, Vranic S, Al Moustafa AE, Farsi HFA Water-Pipe Smoking Exposure Deregulates a Set of Genes Associated with Human Head and Neck Cancer Development and Prognosis., , Toxics, Sep 18, 2020