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    Sivendran S. et al., Dissection of immune gene networks in primary melanoma tumors critical for anti-tumor surveillance of patients with stage II-III resectable disease., [Epub ahead of print]., Journal of Investigative Dermatology , Feb 12, 2014

    Iida N. et al., Commensal bacteria control cancer response to therapy by modulating the tumor microenvironment., [Epub ahead of print]., Science, Nov 22, 2013

    Stewart C.A. et al., Interferon-dependent IL-10 production by Tregs limits tumor Th17 inflammation., [Epub ahead of print]., JCI, Oct 08, 2013

    Beard R.E. et al., Gene Expression Profiling using Nanostring Digital RNA Counting to Identify Potential Target Antigens for Melanoma Immunotherapy., [Epub ahead of print]., Clin. Can. Res., Sep 10, 2013

    Budiu R. A. et al., Immunobiology of human mucin 1 in a preclinical ovarian tumor model., [Epub ahead of print]., Oncogene, Aug 08, 2013

    Huen N-Y. et al., Up-regulation of proliferative and migratory genes in regulatory T cells from patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer., 133(2):373-382., International Journal of Cancer, Jul 15, 2013

    Galli R. et al., Toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) activation induces microRNA-dependent reexpression of functional RARβ and tumor regression., [Epub ahead of print]., PNAS, May 28, 2013

    Sakuishi K. et al., TIM3+FOXP3+ regulatory T cells are tissue-specific promoters of T-cell dysfunction in cancer., 2(4): e23849., OncoImmunology, Apr 01, 2013

    Morgan R.A. et al., Cancer Regression and Neurological Toxicity Following Anti-MAGE-A3 TCR Gene Therapy., 36(2):133-51, J of Immunother, Feb 14, 2013

    Deniger D.C. et al., Bispecific T-cells Expressing Polyclonal Repertoire of Endogenous γδ T-cell Receptors and Introduced CD19-specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor., [Epub ahead of print]., Mol Ther., Jan 08, 2013

    Denman CJ, et al., Membrane-Bound IL-21 Promotes Sustained Ex Vivo Proliferation of Human Natural Killer Cells, 7 :Issue 1, e30264., PLoS One, Jan 18, 2012

    Singh H, et al., Reprogramming CD19-specific T cells with IL-21 signaling can improve adoptive immunotherapy of B-lineage malignancies, 71(10):3516-27., Cancer Res, May 10, 2011

    Lin Y, et al., Effective posttransplant antitumor immunity is associated with TLR-stimulating nucleic acid?immunoglobulin complexes in humans, doi:10.1172/JCI44581., J Clin Invest, Apr 01, 2011