Understanding Disease Through Immunology

3D Flow™ Analysis

Explore streamlined application that seamlessly integrates standard flow cytometry cell sorting with downstream nCounter® analysis to interrogate up to 30 proteins and 770 immune-related RNA simultaneously from as few as 500 sorted cells. Without changing your flow sorting workflow, NanoString's 3D Biology Technology enables simple, deep proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of rare cell populations.


Biomarker Research Paves the Road to Novel Therapies

Accelerate your biomarker research studies with pre-designed, multiplexed gene expression panels focused on Immunology and Inflammation. The nCounter® Gene Expression Panels are developed in collaboration with leading researchers to provide the most valuable and relevant panel content across applications. The nCounter® platform provides a highly multiplexed, simple workflow to enable rapid, precise, and cost-effective research with fast, reliable results; no library prep or dilutions required, with just 15-minutes total hands-on time.

Immuno-Oncology (IO) – Predictive biomarkers need to measure and integrate the complexity of host, tumor, and environment interaction. Address these key challenges in IO by measuring multi-analyte expression levels simultaneously within the tumor, the immune system, and the tumor microenvironment all on one platform with NanoString’s 3D Biology™ Technology.

Autoimmune – Biomarkers need to be evaluated for the biological variability observed in autoimmune diseases, thereby identifying predictive gene signatures. nCounter® Autoimmune Profiling, Autoimmune Discovery and Myeloid Panels are all designed to evaluate biomarkers associated with autoimmune diseases and can be customized with up to 55 additional user-defined genes.

Infectious Disease - Accurately identify pathogens and assess the host immune response in one multiplex while tracking transcriptional profiles in vivo. nCounter® Immunology Panels are ideal for assessing infectious disease immune response and can be customized with up to 55 additional user-defined genes for pathogen identification.

The TruCulture-NanoString Solution for Immune Profiling

Recent publications1,2 from the Milieu Interieur project at Institut Pasteur have shown the utility of the Myriad RBM TruCulture whole blood collection and culture system paired with nCounter gene expression analysis to describe the human immune response to immunostimulatory agents including Toll-like receptor (TLR) agonists and microorganisms.  The recent application note investigating the Human Immune Response with Myriad RBM’s TruCulture® System and the NanoString® nCounter Autoimmune Profiling Panel describes an easy to use, reproducible workflow for studying immune responses from whole blood The results showed excellent technical reproducibility and correlation between levels of expressed mRNA and protein.  With minimal hands-on time, whole blood can be collected, treated, and processed to identify immune signatures for different stimuli. Combining the TruCulture system with nCounter gene expression profiling enables the study of circulating immune responses through rapid and easy collection, stimulation, and subsequent profiling of leukocytes from healthy or diseased donors, with implications for the study of immunology, autoimmunity, and immuno-oncology.

For more information on the combined TruCulture-NanoString workflow check out our quick reference guide, the Myriad RBM TruCulture website, instructional videomanual and poster.


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