nCounter® Vantage 3D™ DNA SNV Heme Panel

Content targeted to the most actionable variants across heme-onc malignancies, this panel covers SNV and small InDels associated with leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. The genes and mutations covered were selected based on relevance to new and existing clinical trials, malignancy subtypes, and potential drug resistance and response.

  • 141 mutations from 45 key heme-onc genes
  • Just 5 ng DNA required from FFPE, fresh/frozen tissue, or cells
  • Sensitivity and Specificity >95% on samples with >5% allele frequency*
  • Simultaneous multi-analyte profiling with Vantage 3D RNA and Protein Assays
  • Integrated data analysis with nSolver™ software

*Validated on internal reference materials. Data may vary with the various quality of FFPE samples.

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Feature Specifications
Number of Targets 141 SNV and InDels + 63 reference probes
Input Material 5 ng genomic DNA
Sample Type(s) Genomic DNA from FFPE samples, fresh or frozen tissue, or cell lines
Sensitivity and Specificity >95%*
Species Human
Time to Results <24 hours
Data Analysis nSolver™ Analysis software
Shipping and Storage Conditions -80°C

*May vary based on sample quality

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Product Description Catalog Number Unit Size
Vantage 3D DNA SNV Heme Panel Contains code set for 141  heme-onc actionable mutations in 45 genes. Includes pre-amplification Reagents. To be used as a stand-alone DNA assay or with Vantage 3D Protein and RNA VDXC-HHM-12 12 reactions
Vantage 3D SNV Qualification Kit Contains synthetic oligos to qualify nCounter instruments before testing SNV Panel. To be used only one time for first time SNV users. VDXC-QualK-12 12 reactions

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.