Vantage 3D™ Assays

The Vantage 3D™ portfolio, powered by 3D Biology™ Technology, enables you to profile combinations of DNA, RNA, and protein targets up to 800-plex from a single sample with the nCounter® Analysis System. Mix and match any combination of analytes based on your research needs or simplify your selection with pre-matched multi-analyte assays for Immuno-Oncology, Solid Tumor, and Lung Tumor Profiling.

  • Vantage 3D RNA Panels
    • Vantage 3D RNA Adaptive Immunity Panel
    • Vantage 3D RNA Innate Immunity Panel
    • Vantage 3D RNA Cellular Profiling Panel
    • Vantage 3D RNA Cancer Metabolism Panel
    • Vantage 3D RNA-DNA Damage and Repair Panel
    • Vantage 3D RNA Wnt Pathways Panel
    • Vantage 3D RNA Cellular Signalling Panel
    • Vantage 3D RNA MAPK-PI3K Pathways Panel
    • Vantage 3D RNA Heme Panel
  • Vantage 3D Fusion Panels
    • Vantage 3D Lung Gene Fusion Panel
    • Vantage 3D Leukemia Gene Fusion Panel
  • Vantage 3D DNA Panels
    • Vantage 3D DNA SNV Solid Tumor Panel
    • Vantage 3D DNA SNV Heme Panel
  • Vantage 3D Protein Panels
    • Vantage 3D Immune Cell Profiling Panel
    • Vantage 3D Immune Cell Signaling Panel
    • Vantage 3D Solid Tumor Panel- Lysate
    • Vantage 3D Soild Tumor Panel- FFPE
    • Vantage 3D Heme Panel- Lysate
    • Vantage 3D Heme Panel- FFPE
  • Vantage 3D Multi-analyte Assays
    • Vantage 3D immuno-Oncology Assays
    • Vantage 3D Solid Tumor Assays
    • Vantage 3D Lung Assays
    • Vantage 3D Heme Assays

Each panel can be run as a stand-alone assay and with customization available. Up to 24 user- defined genes can be added to any Vantage 3D RNA panel, including fusion panels. Up to five custom protein targets can be added to any Vantage 3D Protein panel.

Unsure if you can perform your desired experiment in a single lane? The table below provides an overview of analyte compatibility:

    Vantage 3D Assays Additional GX Assays
    DNA RNA Protein (R) Protein (D) PanCancer Panels Custom CodeSet
Vantage 3D Assays DNA     Only + RNA      
Protein (R) Only + RNA          
Protein (D)            
Additional GX Assays PanCancer Gx Panels            
Custom CodeSet            

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.