Protein Assays

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Protein Assays

Designed with 3D Biology™ technology, Vantage 3D Protein Assays provide multiplex, digital quantification of total and phospho-protein expression from limited sample. Our content is designed with a biology-driven approach to ensure comprehensive protein profiling focused on your research needs. Vantage 3D Protein Assays are compatible with a wide range of sample types and can be run as protein-only assays or in combination with other Vantage 3D RNA and DNA assays for multi-analyte profiling solutions.

  • Multiplex protein profiling from a single sample (up to 50-plex)
  • Validated workflows for cell suspensions, fresh/frozen tissue, and FFPE
  • Requires as few as 20,000 cells, 250 ng protein, or one FFPE slide
  • High concordance with gold standard protein analysis techniques
  • Multi-analyte analysis when combined with other Vantage 3D Assays
  • Simple, integrated data analysis, eliminating the need for a bioinformatician
  • All panels are customizable with up to 5 additional protein targets of interest

NanoString’s proprietary digital barcoding technology can be used to detect a variety of nucleic acids, including mRNA, miRNA, and DNA. Molecular barcodes can also be leveraged to quantitate protein expression levels and serve as the foundation of the Vantage 3D Protein Assays. Vantage 3D Protein Assays include multiplex antibody cocktails specific to proteins of interest that have been barcoded with unique synthetic DNA oligonucleotides. Each DNA oligonucleotide is recognized by a unique Reporter probe that contains a fluorescent barcode. These Reporter probes are imaged and quantified by the nCounter Analysis System to provide direct, digital readout of protein expression. After sample preparation and probe hybridization, samples are loaded on the nCounter system for data collection. Barcodes are counted and tabulated for each target protein.

Integration with nSolver™ Analysis Software and the Advanced Analysis Module provide a comprehensive profiling solution from sample to data. The digital nature of Nanostring's barcoding technology allows for precise quantitation of protein expression levels. Protein data is provided in standard formats facilitating graphical interpretation and translation to biological insight.

Multiplex protein expression profiles in cell lines following specific treatments using Vantage 3D Protein Solid Tumor panel for lysate.

Dynamic, multiplex protein profiling of PBMC simulated with PMA using Vantage 3D Immune Cell Profiling panel.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.