$99k nCounter® SPRINT
Starter Package

Starter package includes:

1. 50% off one nCounter® SPRINT Profiler

2. $25K in NanoString Panel Products and/or nCounter SPRINT Consumables


NanoString nCounter SPRINT Profiler

European Starter Package = 99k EUR / 80k GBP
Includes 25k EUR / 20k GBP of consumables


Offer valid until 12/14

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  • Accelerate your signature discovery with PanCancer IO 360™ - expertly curated, comprehensive content includes 770 genes across 16 key immuno-oncology pathways


  • Profile up to 800-plex DNA, RNA, and protein targets from a single sample with 3D Biology Technology


  • Perform multiplex gene expression analysis of 770 genes across six fundamental themes of neurodegeneration with the nCounter Neuroscience Panels


  • Rapid and cost effective solution for multiplexing up to 96 targets across 96 samples with nCounter PlexSet Reagents


  • Rapidly profile up to 800 highly-curated miRNAs in a single tube with robust miRNA panels


  • Contact us today to design the nCounter SPRINT Profiler Starter Package that is right for you

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.