nCounter® Analysis System

Fully automated and easy-to-use, the nCounter® Analysis System enables you to go from sample to publication-ready data in under 24 hours.

  • Sensitive, precise, and quantitative
  • Up to 800 genes, no amplification* required
  • Fully automated, intuitive user interface
  • Low sample input, FFPE compatible
  • GMP compliant/ISO 13485 certified
RNA seq vs. NanoString nCounter for gene counting

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nCounter Analysis System - Direct Digital Counting of Nucleic Acids
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Analyzing FFPE Samples with the nCounter Analysis System

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Don’t just take our word for it. In a recent survey*, NanoString customers told us how nCounter® technology compared to their previous research methods:

RNA seq vs. NanoString nCounter customer data

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Direct, digital counting technology reduces the risk of signal saturation, providing reliable data across a wide dynamic range. Correlation between technical replicates often exceeds 0.99. Lot-to-lot and site-to-site variability is minimal, facilitating long-term studies across multiple independent testing sites.

Fewer Technical Replicates

Gene counts from two technical replicates plotted against each other demonstrate the assay reproducibility over a wide dynamic range (10-50,000 counts). One total RNA sample was split into two separate hybridization reactions and processed independently. These data demonstrated the high level of sensitivity and precision of the assay (R 2 = 0.999), even at very low levels of expression.

Precision Across a Wide Range of Expression

Genes were grouped by level of expression in 100 ng of total RNA and percent CV was calculated for each group. Many genes were expressed at less than one transcript per cell and could be measured with less than 15% CV, allowing quantitative measurements of 2-fold changes or less. Precision increase with level of expression, in some cases allowing for quantification of less than 1.2-fold.

Fractional Fold Change Measurement

Variable total RNA inputs of the same sample demonstrate nCounter's ability to detect fractional fold change measurements. Total RNA input amounts of 67 ng, 150 ng, and 200 ng were compared against a baseline of 100 ng. Slopes correlated closely with the expected values of 0.67, 1.5, and 2 across all levels of expression.

nCounter Dx Analysis System is available for in vitro diagnostic use when used in conjunction with cleared or approved assays, such as the Prosigna Assay. All other models are available for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.