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Fully automated and easy-to-use, the nCounter FLEX Analysis System with optional Dx enablement is a platform optimized for translational research. The nCounter FLEX with Dx enablement package allows the system to be run in either Diagnostic and or Life Science mode depending on your needs. The Dx enablement is the only approved platform capable of running the Prosigna® Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay.

How it Works

The nCounter FLEX Analysis System was engineered for maximum reliability, ease-of-use and with your research needs in mind.


Clinic-ready Platform:

nCounter FLEX Analysis System is manufactured under GMP guidelines and ISO 13485 guidelines to ensure quality and compliance with international standards.


Translational Suite:

nCounter FLEX Analysis System can operate in two distinct modes: Diagnostics and Life Sciences. In addition, an enterprise software package is included to control user access, automate data flow, and generate audit logs.


Tumor Analysis:

Analyze gene expression without a cDNA synthesis step, enabling greater tolerance of RNA degradation and inhibitors associated with the formalin fixation process. Improve confidence when analyzing FFPE tissue.


Develop Tailored Signatures:

Reduce large gene sets (up to 800 targets) with a single nCounter Code Set and single-tube multiplexing technology. Quickly reach a focused gene signature that can be translated into a robust biomarker without the challenge of optimizing and maintaining components needed to support multiple RT-qPCR assays.


Simplify Analysis:

No need for specialized Bioinformatic resources. Results generated as direct counts and reported in a standard CSV file. This can be imported into your favorite application or you can use the included nSolver Analysis Software for convenient data research analysis.


Expandable Throughput:

Add a second Prep Station when needed and double your capacity to match a growing number of users. This configuration enables processing of up to 96 lanes per day and 384 samples with sample plexing. Random access enables users to pause data collection to load or remove additional cartridges without waiting for the run to finish.

Product Information

nCounter® FLEX Analysis System with Dx Enablement at Work

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Platform Specifications
Hardware Specifications

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