nCounter® miRGE™ Assay

Simultaneously detect subsets of mRNA and miRNA in total RNA for biomarker discovery. The nCounter® miRGE assay is uniquely designed to provide a single-tube, sensitive, reproducible, and highly multiplexed method to detect mRNA and miRNA simultaneously.

  • Choose 5–30 miRNA targets from our pre-defined Human, Mouse, or Rat miRNA assays and 100-200 custom mRNA targets for simultaneous analysis
  • Available for human, mouse, and rat
  • Compatible with total RNA from serum, plasma, FFPE, tissue, cells, and exosomes
  • No reverse transcription, no amplification, and fewer pipetting steps means less chance for errors and bias in results

Feature Specifications
Level of Multiplexing 100-200 mRNAs
5-30 miRNAs
Recommended amount of starting material 100 ng of purified total RNA
Sample types supported Purified total RNA
Sample prep reaction volume 10 μL
Hybridization reaction volume 35 μL
Limit of Detection: miRNA > 2.5 copies per cell copy per cell
Limit of Detection: mRNA 1 copy per cell
Fold-change sensitivity > 2-fold change
Hybridization Spike Correlation R² ≥ 0.95
Linear Dynamic Range 2 x 10⁶ total counts
nCounter® Prep Station throughput 12 samples < 2.5 hours
nCounter® Digital Analyzer throughput 12 samples/4 hours (up to 72 samples per day) unmattended running in continuous mode)
Controls 6 positive hybridization controls
8 negative hybridization controls
2 positive ligation controls
Unit Size 48, 96, 192 assays
Shipping Conditions -80°C

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Product Description Catalog Number Unit Size
miRGE Assays

Custom assay that simultaneously profiles multiple miRNAs and mRNAs. Base price is for the minimum configuration of 5 miRNAs and 100 mRNAs. Additional miRNA and mRNA targets can be added and incrementally add on to the base price.

MIR-P1CC-48 48 Assays
MIR-P1CC-96 96 Assays
MIR-P1CC-192 192 Assays
MIR-P1CC-384 384 Assays
MIR-P1CC-576 576 Assays
miRNA Assay Sample Preparation
miRNA Assay Protocol

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.