Spatial Organ Atlas: Colon


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Visualized here is a single colon section capturing the key substructures, including the mucosa, muscularis, and submucosa.  This section is stained with morphology markers PanCK for epithelial cells, CD45 for Immune cells, 5-HT for Paneth cells/Enteroendocrine cells, and DNA.

Human Colon Metadata
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Human Colon Metadata

This cohort contains 4 samples:

  • Sex: 2 Males and 2 Females
  • Race: White
  • Age Range: 39 years to 73 years
  • BMI: Unknown

Whole Transcriptome Atlas Profiling:

  • >18,000 genes​
  • 5μm FFPE tissue section​

Area of Illumination (AOI) Profiling Strategy:

  • 173 AOIs total​
  • Mucosa: Epithelium + Lamina Propria (n=6+6, segmentation profiling) ​​
  • Peyer’s Patches (n=6, geometric profiling)​​
  • Paneth cells/Enteroepithelial cells (n=6, cell type profiling)​​
  • Muscularis mucosae (n=6, geometric profiling)​​
  • Submucosa: Vessel + Connective Tissue (n=4+4, polygon profiling)​​
  • Muscularis Externa (Circular Muscle + Longitudinal Muscle (n=4+4, geometric profiling)​​

Morphology Markers:​

  • PanCK: Epithelial cells​
  • CD45: ​Immune cells​
  • 5-HT: Paneth cells/Enteroendocrine cells​
  • DNA: Nuclei
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