GeoMx® Data Center

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler v1.4 Instrument Software and Data Analysis Suite Update is available!

  • Bug fixes, security, and usability improvements
  • External barcode reader support
  • Custom Scripts function of Data Analysis Suite expanded to utilize segment and probe annotations
  • Please contact for details

The GeoMx DSP data center provides end-to-end software solution from image acquisition, region of interest selection to a fully integrated data analysis experience.

Seamless integration of system operation and data analytics

The software uniquely combines system control to visualize whole tissue image at single cell resolution with automated region of interest selection to rapidly spatially profile tissue sections. The fully integrated workflow provides tracking of image data and corresponding profiling data, allowing users to easily go from data collection to data analysis.

Seamless integration of system operation and data analytics



Intuitive and Interactive Data Analysis

The intuitive interface displays high-resolution images side-by-side with quantitative profiling data. The connectivity between the image and profiling data is preserved allowing users to interact with either dataset in real time.  Click on a region-of-interest on the image or highlight any datapoint in the profiling data to see immediate data transformation, thus enabling interactive analysis of spatial profiling data.

Intuitive and interactive data analysis


The data analysis module assesses the quality of the raw data and provides number of options to normalize data sets. Moreover, a variety data visualization formats are enabled to export publication-quality figures.  Visualization plots include: heatmap, cluster, bar graph, box plot, scatter plot, line/trend plot, strip plot, volcano plot, and PCA.




Accessible and Shareable

The GeoMx Software is designed to be accessed through a web-based browser, making it possible to access your data from anywhere and at anytime.

The software also provides the ability to assign roles and permissions to your team members and collaborators, allowing multiple users within large labs, core facilities, or contract research organizations to securely manage and share their data with anyone*.

*GeoMx Cloud coming soon in 2020.

Access your GeoMx data from anywhere via a web-based browser


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.