GeoMx® Data Center

An end-to-end software solution from image acquisition, region of interest selection to a fully integrated data analysis experience.



See the biology faster

Biologically directed Region of Interest (ROI) selection and automated segmentation to find the most important areas in your tissue




  • Optimized algorithms to automatically segment tissue based on morphology markers to understand tissue compartments
  • Flexible selection tools to define the ROI to the shape of the biology of interest.
  • Select specific cell populations using morphology markers

Discover the biology faster

Integrated interactive analysis between tissue and expression resulting in truly spatial biological interpretation


  • Distinguish statistical changes between groups (e.g. t-tests, linear mixed models)  to determine if biologically significant or an outlier.  
  • Visualize large data matrices using clustering analyses to determine significant changes associated with specific tissue morphology or cell type 
  • Understand which genes and pathways are altered in spatially annotated datasets


Publish the biology faster

Expansive analysis and visualization providing insights which drive faster time to publication




  • Integrated nCounter and NGS data QC provide seamless data quality assessment.  Normalization by cell density (automated cell counting) or area based normalization.
  • Perform pathway analyses to understand disease mechanisms of action and identify novel targets.
  • Integrate custom biostatistics scripts for enhanced analysis
  • Exportable publication quality images and figures





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Learn how curated content for cancer biology can advance your research

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