GeoMx™ Assays

Flexible content designed to fit a range of applications and plex needs

The GeoMx RNA and Protein assays for nCounter® readout allow you to profile up to 96 RNA or protein targets from a single FFPE slide with Digital Spatial Profiling. GeoMx Assays are pre-validated and modular to provide flexibility and support a range of research needs. For protein, select one 20-plex core and up to six 10-plex modules to analyze expression of your proteins of interest. Additionally, antibodies can be customized for use with GeoMx DSP through the Protein Barcoding Service. For RNA, select a core panel with the option to add custom user defined-content.



Available content at launch will cover immunology, immuno-oncology, neurodegeneration, and neuroinflammation with a rapidly growing pipeline.

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  Immuno-Oncology Neuroscience
  Protein RNA Protein
Cores Immune Cell Profiling
(~20-plex, H/M)
Immune Pathways
(~84-plex, H)
Neural Cell Profiling
(~20-plex, H)
Modules IO Drug Target (~10-plex, H/M)

Immune Activation Status (~10-plex, H)

Immune Cell Typing (~10-plex, H)

Pan-Tumor (~10-plex, H)
N/A Alzheimer's Pathology
(~10-plex, H)

Parkinson's Pathology
(~10-plex, H)
Custom Yes Yes Yes

*H = Human; M = Mouse; H/M = Human/Mouse

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.