nCounter® Myeloid Innate Immunity Panel

The nCounter Myeloid Innate Immunity panels are designed to encompass all aspects of the myeloid innate immune response for use in basic and translational research studies. The panel provides an effective means to comprehensively measure quantitatively and qualitatively the attributes of the innate immune response by evaluating relative enrichment of genes that mark recruitment and presence of selected myeloid subtype.

  • Useful for research areas including Immuno-Oncology, Autoimmune Disease and Infectious Disease research.
  • Genes representing all major myeloid cell types and their various functions including: neutrophils, eosinophils, mast cells, dendritic cells, monocytes, and macrophages with 19 functional and pathway annotations.
  • Customize with Panel-Plus, a custom spike-in product of 30-genes or less that allows for the creation of a panel and experiment uniquely your own!

Number of Targets770 (Human), 754 (Mouse) including internal reference genes
Input Material25 ng - 300 ng
Sample Type(s)FFPE-derived RNA, total RNA, fragmented RNA, cell lysates and sorted cells
SpeciesHuman or Mouse
Low Input Material ProtocolYes
Time to ResultsApproximately 24 hours
Data AnalysisnSolver™ Analysis software
Advanced Data AnalysisData QC and normalization, differential gene expression
Shipping and Storage Conditions-80ºC

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Product Description Catalog Number Unit Size
nCounter® Human Myeloid Innate Immunity v2 Panel (CodeSet Only) Gene Expression CodeSet profiling (770 genes) 730 immunology-related mouse genes + 40 internal reference controls. No Master Kit. XT-CSO-HMII2-12 12 reactions
nCounter® Mouse Myeloid Innate Immunity v2 Panel (CodeSet Only) Gene Expression CodeSet profiling (754 genes) 734 immunology-related mouse genes + 20 internal reference controls. No Master Kit. XT-CSO-MMII2-12 12 reactions