nCounter® Immunology Panels

Perform multiplex gene expression analysis in human or mouse with over 500 general immunology genes. Panel includes major classes of cytokines and their receptors, enzymes with specific gene families such as the major chemokine ligands and receptors, interferons and their receptors, the TNF-receptor superfamily, and the KIR family genes. 84 genes involved with the anti-fungal immune response are also included.

  • Ideal for the study of allergy, autoimmune diseases, and infectious disease immune response
    • Unique mouse genes address known differences such as unique receptor ligands, Ig receptors and chemokines
  • Customizable with up to 55 additional user-defined genes with Panel Plus option



Number of Targets

594 (Human), 561 (Mouse) including up to 15 internal reference genes

Input Material

25 ng–300 ng

Sample Type(s)

FFPE-derived RNA, total RNA, fragmented RNA, cell lysates


Human or Mouse

Single Cell/Low Input Material Protocol




Time to Results

Approximately 24 hours

Data Analysis

nSolver™ Analysis software

Advanced Data Analysis

Data QC and normalization, differential gene expression

Shipping and Storage Conditions


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Catalog Number

Unit Size

nCounter® Human Immunology v2 Panel (CodeSet Only)

Gene Expression CodeSet profiling 594 genes; 579 immunology-related human genes + 15 internal reference controls. Master Kit reagents sold separately.


12 reactions

nCounter® Mouse Immunology Panel (CodeSet Only)

Gene Expression CodeSet profiling 561 genes; 547 immunology-related mouse genes + 14 internal reference controls. Master Kit reagents sold separately.


12 reactions

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.