nCounter® NHP Immunology Panel

Perform comprehensive multiplex gene expression analysis in Non-human primates with 770 key immune response genes that encompass 18 immune-related signaling pathways. Panel genes and probes cover the top 3 species (Rhesus Macaque, Cynomolgus Macaque, and Green Monkey).


  • Ideal for vaccine development, transplant research, immuno-oncology, toxicology and other research areas
  • 770 genes that encompass 18 immune-related signaling pathways with isoform coverage for top four species of NHP
  • All genes were selected from the conserved human regions to achieve nearly 100% cross-reactivity in human
  • Customizable with panel-plus option – add up to 55 user-defined genes
  • nCounter workflow is simple, user-friendly, and efficient with just 15 minutes total hands-on time

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Comparison of Transcriptomic Platforms for Analysis of Whole Blood from Ebola-infected Cynomolgus Macaques

In this scientific report, a joint team at Boston University and USAMRIID published their novel Ebola-NHP Immunology transcriptomics research using the NanoString platform and custom NHP codeset in Nature Scientific Reports (2017).

Report: Comparison of transcriptomic platforms for analysis of whole blood from Ebola-infected cynomolgus macaques

The Critical Role of Nonhuman Primates in Medical Research

In this white paper you can learn about important discoveries and practical research applications for NHP research. Used with permission from the Foundation for Biomedical Research.  For educational purposes only.

White Paper: The critical role of nonhuman primates in medical research

Functional annotations for 18 immune-related signaling pathways were assigned across all genes in the NHP Immunology panel allowing for a comprehensive and functional view of NHP immune response.

Immune Signaling Pathways Genes
Non-canonical NF-kB 38
Extracellular matrix organization  40

TLR Signaling

Fc epsilon Receptor Signaling 73
Death Receptor Signaling 18
Complement Cascade 26
Interferon Signaling 64
Signaling by VEGF 56
Signaling by Wnt 20
Aptosis 36
Cell Cycle 19
IFN-alpha/beta Pathways 34
Metabolism 42
Signaling by Interleukins 89
Innate Immunity 21
Cellular Responses to Stress 31
Adaptive Immunity 142
MAPK Signaling 52
Feature Specifications
Number of Targets 770 (Human/Non-human primate) genes including internal reference genes
Standard Input Material (No amplification required)  25ng - 300ng

Sample Type(s)

FFPE-derived RNA, total RNA, fragmented RNA, cell lysates, PBMCs, whole blood/plasma, urine, saliva, synovial fluid, cerebrospinal fluid
Customizable Add up to 55 unique genes with Panel-Plus
Time to Results Approximately 24 hours
Data Analysis nSolver Analysis Software
Product Product Description Quantity Catalog Number
NHP Immunology V2 Includes 770 genes, including 16 internal reference genes for data normalization 12 Reactions XT-CSO-NHPIM1-12

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.