Mouse AD Panel


Reproducibly translate mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) to human disease with 770 standardized genes covering 30 clinically derived AD-associated modules discovered in the AMP-AD consortium study of human brain tissue. Reliably assay AD phenotypes and disease progression in mouse model development. Perform in vivo screening of potential therapeutics with an efficient workflow to potentially reduce the time to clinic.

  • IM_MK1130_Neuro_MouseAD_Wheel_r6.pngMonitor disease progression with age
  • Assay novel therapeutics
  • Screen compounds for AD treatment
  • Customizable with up to 30 additional user-defined genes with Panel Plus option

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nSolver™ Advanced Analysis Modules available for Mouse AD include:

  • Pathway Based Module Analysis
  • Pathway Analysis
  • Normalization
  • Quality Control
  • Differential Expression
  • Gene Set Analysis
  • Built-in compatibility for Panel Plus and Protein analysis


New Insights into Neuroscience Research

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Insights into Neuroscience Research Using nCounter Technology

AMP-AD consortium study

Read "Heterogeneity across human AD coexpression modules identified by meta-analysis of the human brain transcriptome”

Heterogeneity across human AD coexpression modules identified by meta-analysis of the human brain transcriptome
Module Enriched Pathways and Processes Represented Mouse Genes*
CBEblue Transcription and Splicing 176
CBEbrown Lipid Metabolism, Myelination 95
CBEturquoise Cytokines 199
CBEyellow Vesicle Trafficking, Transmitter Synthesis and Storage 156
DLPFCblue Cytokines 182
DLPFCbrown Lipid Metabolism, Myelination 139
DLPFCturquoise Transcription and Splicing 143
DLPFCyellow Transmitter Synthesis and Storage, Vesicle Trafficking, Transmitter Release, Neural Connectivity  191
FPblue Lipid Metabolism, Myelination 277
FPbrown 77
FPturquoise Cytokines 107
FPyellow Vesicle Trafficking, Transmitter Synthesis and Storage, Neural Connectivity, Transmitter Release 187
IFGblue Transcription and Splicing, Lipid Metabolism, Myelination 236
IFGbrown Transmitter Synthesis and Storage, Vesicle Trafficking, Transmitter Release, Neural Connectivity 232
IFGturquoise Apoptosis, Cytokines 126
IFGyellow 84
PHGblue Transcription and Splicing 170
PHGbrown Transmitter Synthesis and Storage, Vesicle Trafficking 164
PHGgreen Lipid Metabolism, Myelination 139
PHGturquoise Cytokines 104
PHGyellow 101
STGblue Cytokines 143
STGbrown Transmitter Synthesis and Storage, Vesicle Trafficking, Neural Connectivity, Transmitter Release, Transmitter Response and Reuptake 210
STGturquoise Transcription and Splicing 118
STGyellow Lipid Metabolism, Myelination 159
TCXblue 118
TCXbrown Transcription and Splicing 124
TCXgreen Transmitter Synthesis and Storage, Vesicle Trafficking 185
TCXturquoise 78
TCXyellow Lipid Metabolism 152
Internal Reference Genes 10

† Annotations for 23 fundamental pathways and processes were assigned across all genes in the Mouse AD panel allowing for an additional view of important aspects of the onset and progression of neurodegenerative disease. Pathways and processes with >60% representative gene content per module are listed above. Additional annotations can be found in the complete gene list.

‡ <60% representative pathway and process gene content per module

* Genes selected based on human-mouse gene homology, maximal coverage of AMP-AD modules, top AGORA candidate gene status (, representation in AMP-AD module eigengenes, and expression in mouse brain.

Number of Targets 770 including internal reference genes
Standard Input Material (No amplification required) 25 ng-300 ng
Sample Type(s) FFPE-derived RNA, total RNA, fragmented RNA, PBMCs, whole blood/plasma, iPS cells
Species Mouse
Customizable Add up to 30 unique genes with Panel-Plus
Time to Results Approximately 24 hours
Data Analysis nSolver™ Analysis Software, Advanced Analysis Modules


Selected Panel References:

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4. Logsdon BA, Perumal T, et al. Heterogeneity across human AD coexpression modules identified by meta-analysis of the human brain transcriptome. bioRxiv. 2019; 510420.

5. AMP-AD Knowledge Portal (

6. Carter et al. Translational Genetic and Genomic Analyses of New Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s Disease. Neuroscience 2018.


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Product Product Description Quantity Catalogue Number
nCounter Mouse AD Panel Includes 770 genes, including 10 internal reference genes for data normalization 12 reactions XT-CSO-MAD1-12


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