nCounter® Inflammation Panels

Perform multiplex gene expression analysis in human or mouse with more than 200 genes focused on the study of inflammation. These genes represent a broad range of relevant pathways related to inflammation that include: apoptosis, EGF, interleukin signaling, Ras, T-cell receptor and Toll-like receptor signaling.

  • Ideal for the study of asthma, allergy, arthritis, and neurological-related inflammation
  • Measure gene expression effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on inflammatory response
  • Overlapping coverage between Human and Mouse panels for direct species comparison
  • Customizable with up to 55 additional user-defined genes with Panel Plus option



Number of Targets

255 (Human), 254 (Mouse) including up to 15 internal reference genes

Input Material

25 ng–300 ng

Sample Type(s)

FFPE-derived RNA, total RNA, fragmented RNA, cell lysates


Human or Mouse

Single Cell/Low Input Material Protocol




Time to Results

Approximately 24 hours

Data Analysis

nSolver™ Analysis software

Advanced Data Analysis

Data QC and normalization, differential gene expression

Shipping and Storage Conditions


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Catalog Number

Unit Size

nCounter® Human Inflammation v2 Panel (CodeSet Only)

Gene Expression CodeSet profiling 255 genes; 249 inflammation-related human genes + 6 internal reference controls. Master Kit reagents sold separately.


12 reactions
nCounter® Mouse Inflammation v2 Panel (CodeSet Only) Gene Expression CodeSet profiling 254 genes; 248 inflammation-related mouse genes + 6 internal reference controls. Master kit reagents sold separately. XT-CSO-MIN2-12 12 reactions

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.