nCounter® Canine IO Panel

Covering hundreds of genes involved in the immune response of canines to immuno-oncology therapeutics and designed with experts in canine comparative oncology, the nCounter Canine IO Panel is the only gene expression panel built to study the tumor and immune response to IO treatments in dogs. The panel takes advantage of tumor-specific coverage for the most common canine cancers to enable researchers to share data and access enhanced statistical power, potentially improving clinical trial success by translating findings from the treatment of spontaneous canine cancer to humans.

Product Highlights:


  • Profile 800 genes across 47 annotated pathways involved in canine immune response to IO treatments
  • Overlapping content with NanoString's Human PanCancer IO 360 and PanCancer Immune Profiling Panels provides a suite of panels for comparative studies
  • PanCancer coverage with tumor specific content for top canine cancers including Melanoma, Osteosarcoma, Lymphoma, Urothelial Carcinoma, and Glioblastoma
  • Easy to use nCounter system provides data in 24 hours with less than 30 minutes hands on time and simple data analysis
  • Easy data sharing and collaboration with a common set of genes and a panel standard

The Canine IO Panel was created through a collaboration between NanoString and the Canine Consortia, a consortium of researchers from multiple prestigious institutes, including the University of Alabama, the University of California- Davis, Colorado State University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Pennsylvania, Tufts, and Freie Univ. Berlin. The Canine Consortia includes key members of the Cancer Moonshot Consortium, which aims to

  • Promote the development of cancer immunotherapies for several common human cancers — glioma, osteosarcoma, melanoma, and lymphoma
  • Foster a collaborative immunotherapy network for comparative oncology

The nCounter Canine IO Panel enables researchers to explore canine immune response to immune-oncology treatments.

Immune Tumor Microenvironment
Cytokine & Chemokine Signaling Interferon Signaling Checkpoint Signaling Complement Cascade Immune Cell Abundance Tumor Immunogenicity Inhibitory Tumor Mechanisms Stromal Factors
# Genes # Genes # Genes # Genes # Genes # Genes # Genes # Genes
305 47 67 33 52 74 94 101
Cytokine and Chemokine Signaling Interferon Signaling Costimulatory Signaling Complement System   Antigen Presentation Epigenetic Regulation Angiogenesis
          DNA Damage Repair Hypoxia Matrix Remodeling and Metastasis
            TGF-beta Signaling  
            Wnt Signaling  

Included within the Canine IO Panel content are tumor specific targets for five of the top canine cancers, also common in humans:

  • Melanoma
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Urothelial Carcinoma
  • Glioblastoma
Feature Specifications
Number of Targets 800 (Canine), including internal reference genes
Sample Input - Standard (No amplification required) 25-300 ng
Sample Input - Low Input As little as 1 ng with nCounter Low Input Kit (sold separately)
Sample Type(s) Cultured cells/cell lysates, sorted cells, FFPE-derived RNA, total RNA, fragmented RNA, PBMCs, and whole blood/plasma
Customizable Add up to 55 unique genes with Panel-Plus and up to 10 custom protein targets
Time to Results Approximately 24 hours
Data Analysis nSolver™ Analysis Software (RUO), Advanced Analysis for cell profiling
Product Product Description Quantity Catalog Number
nCounter IO Panel plus Panel Standard Includes 780 genes; 20 interal reference/housekeeping genes for data normalization 12 Reactions XT-CSPS-CIO-12
nCounter IO Canine Primer Pool Primer pools for Low Input RNA profiling of 780 canine genes + 20 internal reference controls. Master Kit, RNA Low Input Kit & Panel CodeSet Required 12 Reactions LOW-CIO-12
nCounter Master Kit (Max or FLEX Systems) Reagents and Cartridges Reagents, cartridges, and consumables necessary for sample processing on nCounter MAX and FLEX Systems 12 Reactions NAA-AKIT-012
nCounter SPRINT Cartridge 1 Cartridge, 12 lanes Sample Cartridge for nCounter SPRINT System 12 Reactions SPRINT-CAR-1.0
nCounter SPRINT Reagent Pack nCounter SPRINT Reagent Pack containing Reagents A, B, C, and Hybridization Buffer 192 Reactions SPRINT-REAG-KIT
Low Input RNA Reagent Kit 48rxn kit for profiling from low sample input amounts 48 Reactions LOW-RNA-48

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.