TruCulture-NanoString Autoimmunity Grant Program

Recent publications1,2 from the Milieu Interieur project at Institut Pasteur have shown the utility of the Myriad RBM TruCulture whole blood collection and culture system paired with nCounter gene expression analysis to profile human immune responses to immunostimulatory agents including Toll-like receptor (TLR) agonists and microorganisms.  The recent application note “Human Immune Response with Myriad RBM’s TruCulture® System and the NanoString® nCounter Autoimmune Profiling Gene Expression Panel” describes an easy to use, reproducible workflow for studying immune responses from whole blood.  The results showed excellent technical reproducibility and correlation between levels of expressed mRNA and protein.  With minimal hands-on time, whole blood can be collected, treated, and processed to identify immune signatures for different stimuli.

One awardee will be granted 36 TruCulture tubes and TruCulture accessories and 36 samples worth of analysis with the Myriad RBM OptiMAP and the NanoString Autoimmune Profiling Panels.  The OptiMAP Panel consists of 13 analytes that spans the major immune responses (ENA-78, IL-8, IFN-g, IL-2, IL-17, IL-13, IL-12p70, IL-10, IL-23, GM-CSF, TNF-a, IL-6, and IL-1b).

The nCounter Autoimmune Profiling Panel is a comprehensive 770 gene multiplex panel that allows you to evaluate the pathways, processes and cell types involved in autoimmune disease, chronic inflammatory disease, and aberrant immune responses.  Analyze autoimmune biomarkers rapidly without the need for qPCR or NGS.

Applicants can choose from the following stimuli for TruCulture tubes when submitting their application:

  • CD3/CD28 (Myriad RBM Part No. 782-001125)
  • LPS (Myriad RBM Part No. 782-001087)
  • SEB (Myriad RBM Part No. 782-001124)
  • NULL (Myriad RBM Part No. 782-001086)


  1. Piasecka et al., (2018) Milieu Intérieur Consortium.  Dissecting the Roles of Age, Sex and Genetics in Shaping Variation in the Human Immune Landscape, PNAS Jan 16;115(3)
  2. Urrutia et al. (2016) Milieu Intérieur Consortium. Standardized Whole-Blood Transcriptional Profiling Enables the Deconvolution of Complex Induced Immune Responses. Cell Reports. Sep 6;16(10):2777-2791

Apply now through Friday June 21st!



Program Details: 

Proposals must involve high-plex gene expression profiling of whole blood samples derived from research projects in autoimmunity.  One awardee will be granted 36 TruCulture tubes of their choice (to be chosen from the following stimuli: CD3/CD28, LPS, SEB, and NULL), 36 samples for analysis using the OptiMAP panel at Myriad RBM, and 36 samples worth of the NanoString nCounter Autoimmune Profiling panel.

The awardee can run their samples either through an nCounter® Analysis System provided by their institution or through a service provider. For OptiMAP analysis, the awardee will submit the TruCulture supernatants to Myriad RBM. Myriad RBM will provide the TruCulture tubes and the associated accessories (Heatblock NOT included). NanoString will provide the reagents and a data analysis service to analyze the NanoString output from the experiment in the form of a report that includes raw data and a detailed analysis with figures and commentary.

For more information on the combined TruCulture-NanoString workflow check out our quick reference guide, the Myriad RBM TruCulture website, instructional videomanual, and poster, or watch our recent joint webinar.

Learn more about NanoString technology by clicking on the links below:

NanoString nCounter® Analysis System

NanoString nSolver™ Analysis Software

NanoString nCounter Autoimmune Profiling Panel

Grant submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on June 21st, 2019. The winner will be announced on or before Friday July 12th, 2019.

Publication of Results:

All grant submissions are confidential to the individual submitter and will not be published or distributed. Upon project completion, each grant winner agrees to participate in one of the following activities relating to the specific project, with specific details of the applicable activity to be mutually agreed upon in good faith by NanoString/Myriad RBM and each winner: local seminar, webinar, case study, blog post, or poster presentation. Each winner agrees that NanoString/Myriad RBM shall have the right to use anonymized data from the winner's project in application notes or marketing literature.


Applicants must be located in North America or Europe and actively enrolled at an academic institution or employed at a research facility in a capacity in which they are able to perform research on and have capabilities to collect whole blood from human subjects and have the ability to submit TruCulture supernatants to Myriad RBM for OptiMAP analysis and run the NanoString gene expression panels by December 31st, 2019.



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures