Hallmarks of Cancer Panel Collection

NanoString’s PanCancer Panels provide comprehensive coverage of all ten Hallmarks of Cancer1. This collection is a triad of multiplex gene expression assays enabling basic and translational research into pathway deregulation studies, immune profiling, and cancer progression.

  • > 1,850 unique genes included across all panels
  • Advanced data analysis modules for pathway deregulation and immune cell profiling
  • Customize panels with up to 55 additional user-defined genes
  • Compatible with protein panels for multi-omics assays
Hallmarks of Cancer wheel

1Reference: The Hallmarks of Cancer. Originally published in Cell, 144, Hanahan D & Weinberg RA, Hallmarks of Cancer: The Next Generation, 646-674, © Elsevier, 2011

The Hallmarks of Cancer are one of the most widely recognized roadmaps for the holistic study of cancer. Its profoundly simple framework was first introduced in 2000 by authors Douglas Hanahan and Robert Weinberg and defines a distinct set of acquired capabilities that distinguish cancer from normal tissue. This framework, represented in the now-famous Hallmarks of Cancer wheel (shown above), is often the first visual guide researchers use to study all types of cancer and is the foundation of our PanCancer Panels.


Fully-annotated gene lists in Excel format are available for each of the PanCancer panels. All gene lists include the official gene name, accession number, alias, target sequence, and sortable annotations. The table below lists some of the major gene categories or pathways along with the panel in which they are best represented.

Panel Pathway/Category Number of Genes Representative Hallmarks
PanCancer Immune Profiling Adaptive immunity 104 Avoiding immune destruction
Humoral immunity 41 Avoiding immune destruction
Inflammation 66 Tumor-promoting inflammation
Innate immunity 200 Tumor-promoting inflammation
PanCancer Pathways Cancer driver genes 124
Cell cycle and apoptosis 137 Resisting cell death
Chromatin modification 22 Genome instability and mutation
DNA repair 50 Genome instability and mutation
Hedgehog pathway 28 Resisting cell death
JAK-STAT pathway 86 Sustaining proliferative signaling
MAPK pathway 157 Sustaining proliferative signaling
Notch pathway 24 Enabling replicative immortality
PI3K pathway 201 Deregulating cellular energetics
RAS pathway 142 Sustaining proliferative signaling
TGF- pathway 51 Evading growth suppressors
Transcriptional misregulation 101 Genome instability and mutation
Wnt pathway 78 Enabling replicative immortality
PanCancer Progression Angiogenesis 277 Inducing angiogenesis
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition 269 Activating invasion and metastasis
Extracellular matrix 254 Activating invasion and metastasis
Metastasis 173 Activating invasion and metastasis

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