CAR-T Characterization Panel Grant Program

Empower your knowledge of CAR-T with the most up-to-date biology developed with experts in the field. The NanoString® nCounter CAR-T Characterization panel measures eight essential components of CAR-T biology, enabling new CAR-T development and QC, streamlining your workflow, and potentially reducing vein to vein time.

Be the first at your institution to publish using the 770-plex CAR-T Characterization panel for human samples.

  • Optimize CAR-T method development
  • Create manufacturing acceptance criteria
  • Measure metabolic fitness and persistence
  • Monitor post-infusion exhaustion and toxicity


Program Details:

Two awardees can run 24 samples using the CAR-T Characterization panel either through an nCounter® Analysis System provided by their institution or through a service provider. NanoString will provide the reagents and a data analysis service to analyze the data output from the experiment in the form of a report that includes raw data and detailed analysis with figures and commentary.


Proposals must involve high-plex gene expression profiling of samples derived from CAR-T research projects such as sorted T Cells, CAR-T Cells, PBMCs, whole blood, FFPE, cell lysate, etc. Learn more about NanoString technology by clicking on the links below:

NanoString nCounter® Analysis System
NanoString nSolver™ Analysis Software
NanoString CAR-T Characterization Panel

Grant submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on April 5, 2019. Winners will be announced on or before Friday, April 12, 2019.

Publication of Results:

All grant submissions are confidential to the individual submitter and will not be published or distributed. Upon project completion, each grant winner agrees to participate in one of the following activities relating to the specific project, with specific details of the applicable activity to be mutually agreed upon in good faith by NanoString and each winner: local seminar, webinar, case study, blog post, or poster presentation. Each winner agrees that NanoString shall have the right to use anonymized data from the winner's project in application notes or marketing literature.


Applicants must be actively enrolled or employed at an academic research institution in a capacity in which they perform life science research and have the ability to ship and analyze samples within 45 days of award notification. Winner of the grant will receive 24 reactions worth of NanoString CAR-T Characterization panel for use in this program.



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.