Gene Expression Panels

Choose from NanoString’s broad portfolio of expertly curated, ready-to-use, gene expression panels. Each panel contains up to 770 genes—selected for published significance in key biological pathways— and is customizable with the option to spike in your own content. The nCounter® Analysis System provides a simple workflow optimized for robust performance on challenging samples such as FFPE and lysate.

  • Simple workflow—less than 15 minutes hands-on time
  • Streamlined analysis—data in under 24 hours
  • Designed for translational research—customizable panels up to 770 genes
  • Proven performance—cited in over 1600 peer-reviewed publications

Simple workflow produces data in less than 24 hours

nCounter® Gene Expression panels are the quickest way to obtain high-quality data from your samples on the nCounter® Analysis System. Compatible with a range of different sample types and with 15 minutes of total hands-on time, getting answers from your nCounter® panel experiment is both convenient and easy.

Gene Expression Panel CodeSets Examples of Compatible Sample Types
  • Panel CodeSets arrive ready-to-use and generally ship within 24 hours following your purchase
  • No library prep or dilutions required
  • As little as 25 ng total RNA input material required
  • Primer pools or primer designs available for use with multi-target enrichment for low input material or single-cell analysis
  • FFPE-derived RNA, Total RNA, Fragmented RNA
  • Cell lysate
  • PBMC
  • Whole blood, plasma, serum
  • Urine, saliva
  • Cerebral spinal fluid, synovial fluid

Panel Products

All nCounter® Panel products are provided as a CodeSet product sold in increments of 12 reactions. Master Kits (for MAX or FLEX systems) or SPRINT Reagents and Cartridges (for SPRINT) are also required and sold separately.

Human and Mouse panels including 770 genes for research use only (RUO) including genes for the tumor, microenvironment and immune response. Panel includes 15+ signatures including the Tumor Inflammation Signature. 

PanCancer Human IO 360 Gene List

PanCancer Mouse IO 360 Gene List

Learn more about IO 360


770 genes across 23 key breast cancer pathways and processes with 32 validated and novel signatures including expanded evaluation of breast cancer subtypes with PAM50 Signature, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Signature, and Claudin-Low Signature.

Breast Cancer 360 Gene List

Learn more about Breast Cancer 360


Human and Mouse panels including 770 genes each comprised of essential cancer pathway and driver genes and up to 40 internal reference genes.

nCounter® PanCancer Pathways (Human)

nCounter® PanCancer Pathways (Mouse)

Learn more about PanCancer Pathways Panels

Human and Mouse panels including 770 genes each comprised of immune profiling genes for the identification of different immune cell types, key checkpoint inhibitors, cancer antigens, genes for measuring the immune response and up to 40 internal reference genes.

nCounter® PanCancer Immune Profiling (Human)

nCounter® PanCancer Immune Profiling (Mouse)

Learn more about PanCancer Immune Profiling Panels

Human Panel including 770 genes covering the key processes involved in cancer progression including angiogenesis, extracellular matrix remodeling (ECM), epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT), metastasis and up to 30 internal reference genes.

nCounter® PanCancer Progression (Human)

Learn more about PanCancer Progression

Human and Mouse Panels including 594 genes and 561 genes respectively with up to 15 internal reference controls. Comprised of genes for broad-based screening of innate and adaptive immune response for allergy, auto-immune response diseases and infectious disease immune response.

nCounter® Immunology v2 (Human)

nCounter® Immunology v1 (Mouse)

Learn more about Immunology Panels

770 genes for vaccine testing, toxicity testing & organ transplant studies in non-human primates, including 16 internal reference controls.

NHP Immunology Consortium Gene List

Learn more about NHP Immunology Consortium Panel

Human and Mouse Panels with 255 and 254 genes respectively including 6 internal reference controls. Comprised of genes for focused screening of the inflammation response in general immunology research including allergy, auto-immune diseases and infectious disease immune response.

nCounter® Inflammation v2 (Human)

nCounter® Inflammation v2 (Mouse)

Learn more about Inflammation Panels

Human and Mouse panels including 770 genes in 19 different pathways and processes across 7 different Myeloid cell types that analyze complex immune responses with publication-quality results next day.

nCounter® Human Myeloid Innate Immunity Panel v2

nCounter® Mouse Myeloid Innate Immunity Panel v2

Learn more about Myeloid Innate Immunity Panel

770 genes for for comprehensive profiling of immune system dysfunction, inflammatory signaling, tissue stress & damage, and disease association as they relate to autoimmune and chronic inflammatory disease.

770 genes included for study of the gene expression profile of GWAS significant mutations in the top nine autoimmune diseases together with 230 immune response genes and 15 internal controls.

Autoimmune Discovery Consortium Gene List

Learn more about Autoimmune Discovery Consortium Panel

Human and Mouse panels including 770 genes that enable the research of 23 neurodegenerative pathways/processes and the measurement of five neural cell types.

nCounter® Human Neuropathology Panel

nCounter® Mouse Neuropathology Panel

Learn more about Neuropathology Panels

Vantage 3D RNA Panels are a collection of focused gene expression panels addressing specific topics of interest in the field of cancer research. Vantage 3D RNA Panels are designed for use with Vantage 3D Protein and SNV assays and include 192 genes per panel with the ability to add an additional 24 custom targets.

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Adaptive Immunity Panel (Human)

This panel focuses on the acquired immune system cells that help to identify and develop memory to invading pathogens. The panel will aid in examining the process by which the adaptive immune response is initiated, including markers of T-cell and B-cell activation, subpopulations, and key signaling molecules. Some gene content also relates to antigen presentation and checkpoint genes.

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Innate Immunity Panel (Human)

The innate immune system includes cell types that mount the early response to invading pathogens and are required to create a robust adaptive immune response. This arm of the immune system involves natural killer cells, mast cells, eosinophils, basophils, macrophages, neutrophils, and dendritic cells. Innate immune genes involved in host response, bacterial sensing, inflammation, Toll-like receptor signaling, and related cytokines are included in this panel.

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Cancer Metabolism Panel (Human)

Altered tumor metabolism is widely recognized as the “Forgotten Hallmark” that allows for the tumor cell to thrive and proliferate. Cancer metabolism has many facets, from aerobic glycolysis and glucose uptake to energy consumption. This panel includes genes from these various areas.

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Intracellular Signaling Panel (Human)

The JAK/STAT pathway relays cellular cues into an intracellular transcription response. The pathway is crucial to immune response, as many of its receptors bind to cytokines. This panel includes cytokines, cytokine receptors, and key targets in the JAK/STAT signaling pathway, as well as related targets from the PI3K/AKT pathway and mTOR pathway

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Cellular Profiling Panel (Human)

In addition to the 109 cell typing genes from the PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel, the cellular profiling panel includes an additional 40 genes to give a more in-depth view of immune cell populations. Also included are markers for cells that interact with the immune system including endothelial, smooth muscle, fibroblast, and stromal cells.

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Wnt Pathways Panel (Human)

The Wnt signaling pathway regulates the developmental processes of cell fate and plays a role in tumorigenesis and progression. Wnt signaling comprises three pathways: the canonical pathway and two non-canonical pathways, planar cell polarity (PCP) and a calcium ion-dependent pathway. The canonical pathway is dependent on beta-catenin and regulates the cell cycle, cell growth, and proliferation. This panel includes the Wnt signaling ligands and receptors as well as other auxiliary signaling molecules for regulation, proteolysis, cell migration, cell cycle, adhesion, and EMT/metastasis.

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ DNA Damage and Repair Panel (Human)

Exposure to specific agents (such as reactive oxygen species, methylating agents, etc.) and even normal physiological processes all damage DNA. Cells must repair DNA damage to prevent mutations from propagating into cancer and accumulating. This panel includes the genes involved in major DNA damage repair pathways including base excision repair, nucleotide excision repair, mismatch repair, translesion synthesis, and other repair processes. Additional genes from apoptosis and cell cycle pathways are included.

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ MAPK-PI3K Pathways Panel (Human)

The MAPK and PI3K pathways control key cellular processes in development, homeostasis, and disease. A variety of extracellular signals converge on these pathways, leading to the expression of genes controlling multiple cellular and tissue-level functions. Seminal publications focused on MAPK and PI3K research and signature development were collated and scored to develop a curated gene set measuring transcriptional activity of these key pathways. This panel represents the diverse set of biological functions that the MAPK and PI3K pathways modulate as crucial mediators of biological activity.

MAPK-PI3K Product Flyer


nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Heme Panel (Human)

Despite diversity in cell of origin and other clinical features, hematologic malignancies share a core set of pathways and processes that drive tumorigenesis, such as MAPK, MYC signaling, NF-κB, PI3K-AKT, and B cell and T cell receptor signaling. Additionally, dysregulation of cytokines, apoptosis, the DNA damage response, and epigenetic factors are frequently observed. Seminal publications focused on hematologic oncology research and signature development were collated and scored to develop a curated gene set that measures these conserved and crucial pathways underlying hematologic malignancies.
HEME Product Flyer

Human Panel including 199 genes for the measurement of pluripotency and differentiation.

nCounter® Stem Cell Panel (Human)

Human Panel including 535 protein kinase genes known to be differentially expressed in the human kinome with 8 internal reference controls.

nCounter® Kinase Panel (Human)

Human Panel including 18 human reference genes expressed at different levels across a wide variety of tissues. This kit is designed to provide a fast and easy way to select reference genes for your experiments.

nCounter® Reference Panel (Human)

Human Panel profiling 48 human genes from the Microarray Quality Control Study (MAQC). This panel is designed for core labs and new users for training on the nCounter Analysis System

nCounter® Customer Assay Evaluation (CAE)

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.