nCounter® Vantage 3D™ DNA SNV Assays

Simple, digital detection of single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and small InDels from as little as 5 ng of DNA from FFPE in a single tube. Designed for compatibility with other 3D Biology Panels, Vantage 3D DNA SNV Assays deliver reliable SNV detection that may be combined with mRNA, gene fusion, and protein for in-depth characterization of key oncogenesis pathways.

  • Maximum information from only 5 ng of input DNA for SNV and InDel detection
  • Simple protocol, optimized for challenging FFPE samples
  • Validated workflows for cell suspensions, fresh/frozen tissue, and FFPE
  • Concordance with gold standard mutational analysis techniques
  • Sensitivity and Specificity above 95% on solid tumor samples with >5% allele frequency*
  • Customizable and forward-compatible with our growing line of 3D Biology Products
  • Simple, integrated data analysis, eliminating the need for a bioinformatician

*Validated on internal reference materials. Data may vary with the various quality of FFPE samples.

The nCounter® Vantage 3D DNA SNV Assays leverage NanoString’s proven molecular barcode technology. Each SNV panel is designed to detect the mutant allele of interest and a reference allele using a set of probes with novel architecture. The upstream probe (Probe S) has proprietary sequences that become unstable in the presence of a single nucleotide mismatch. The downstream probe (Probe T) is based on existing NanoString probe chemistry. Pools of Probe S and T are combined with an nCounter® molecular barcode SNV TagSet to enable highly specific detection of SNVs in a background of abundant normal tissue alleles.

Integration with the nSolver™ Analysis Software provides a comprehensive detection solution from sample to data. Due to digital barcode chemistry, variants are detected at 1–10% levels.

In the data shown, all assayed variants are detected with >95% confidence (p<0.05 confidence threshold indicated by the dashed pink line).

In collaboration with a team from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, 5 ng of purified genomic DNA from over 40 different FFPE clinical research samples from a variety of cancer types were assayed with the nCounter® SNV detection chemistry. DNA integrity scores (DIN from TapeStation 2200 analysis) ranged from 2.3 to 6.1 for these samples. Somatic variants that had been previously detected by next-generation sequencing were detected with 98.1% sensitivity, 100.0% specificity, and 99.9% accuracy. Representative results for a selection of these samples are shown in Table 1.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.