NanoString Protein Barcoding Service

Create a customized protein assay with NanoString's Protein Barcoding Service for your GeoMx or Vantage 3D protein needs. Your antibody of choice is barcoded with specific DNA oligonucleotides matched to unique color-coded molecular barcodes to enable direct quantification of your proteins of interest on the nCounter platform.

  • Develop a full custom protein panel (up to 10-plex) for GeoMx DSP
  • Customize any Vantage 3D Protein panel with up to 5 additional spike-in protein probes
  • Compatible for use in GeoMx DSP assays and Vantage 3D assays

In order to perform the barcoding service, your antibodies must meet the following criteria:

Concentration & Volume

1 mg +/- 20% at a concentration ≥ 1 mg/mL


Buffer formulation shall be 1x PBS


Acceptable purity must be without glycerol, BSA, or other proteins or amine containing buffer


Antibodies must be sourced from mouse or rabbit; monoclonal antibodies are preferred when possible


Antibodies should be validated for the intended use (for example: validated in flow cytometry for cell-suspension based applications, western or ELISA for lysate-based applications, or IHC for FFPE and DSP applications)

Click here to view RNA:Protein Profiling.

Click here to view Cancer cell profiling by barcoding allows multiplexed protein analysis in fine-needle aspirates.



Catalog Number

Unit Size

nCounter Vantage 3D Protein Barcoding Service

Protein customization service for spike-in to GeoMx DSP, Vantage 3D Protein panels or full custom protein panel development


1 each

Cross Reactivity Testing

For Spike-In Only: Service to determine custom antibody spike-in cross reactivity with Vantage 3D Protein panel targets


Up to 3 each

nCounter Vantage 3D Protein Barcoding Service TagSet (D)

For Full Custom Only : Protein detection reagent to support a full custom stand-alone protein assay or full custom protein assay for use with nCounter Vantage 3D DNA. Not required for spike-in applications.


12 reactions

nCounter Vantage 3D Protein Barcoding Service TagSet (R)

For Full Custom Only : Protein detection reagent to support full custom protein use with RNA (+/-DNA) including custom CodeSets, PanCancer RNA Panels, and nCounter Vantage 3D RNA Panels. Not required for spike-in applications.


12 reactions

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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