nCounter® Elements XT Reagents (For Laboratory Use)

nCounter Elements reagents enable analysis with color-coded molecular barcodes that facilitate detection and quantitation of RNA and DNA targets by hybridizing to target-specific oligonucleotide probes that can be purchased from an oligo supplier. They are ideal for a range of applications requiring efficient, quantitation of tens to hundreds of target molecules across a sample set. This unique chemistry generates high-quality results from challenging sample types, such as FFPE tissue or crude cell lysates.

  • Amplification-free digital counting of nucleic acids (for applications such as RNA—gene expression, RNA–gene fusion detection, and DNA–copy number analysis)
  • Compatible with FFPE, crude cell lysates, blood products, fine-needle aspirates or cell lines
  • Multiplex up to 216 custom targets per sample in a single tube

Feature Specifications
Level of Multiplexing Up to 216 targets per sample
Input Material
  • RNA- gene expression analysis
    50-100 ng RNA (no amplification)
  • DNA-copy number analysis
    150-300 ng DNA
  • RNA - fusion gene detection
    150 ng RNA
Sample Type(s) FFPE, crude cell lysates, cell lines

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Product Description NAV Number Unit Size
nCounter Elements TagSet Reagents for 12 reactions;
includes ERCCs
ELE-P1TS-012 12 Tags
24 Tags
ELE-P1TS-036 36 Tags
ELE-P1TS-048 48 Tags
ELE-P1TS-060 60 Tags
ELE-P1TS-072 72 Tags
ELE-P1TS-084 84 Tags
ELE-P1TS-096 96 Tags
ELE-P1TS-144 144 Tags
ELE-P1TS-192 196 Tags
nCounter Elements Extension TagSet Reagents to 12 reactions; no ERCCs
ELE-P1EX-012 12 Tags
ELE-P1EX-024 24 Tags
XT-ELE-P1EX-036 36 Tags