nCounter® CNV Assays

nCounter® copy number assays can be custom ordered for up to 800 user-defined targets.

Additionally, the nCounter v2 Cancer Copy Number Assay offers an off-the-shelf option for multiplexed quantification of 87 genes commonly amplified or deleted in cancer including PIK3CA, AKT, PTEN, BRCA, ERBB2, and MYC (see table below).

  • Optimized for FFPE samples
  • Copy number analysis of 87 genes commonly amplified or deleted in cancer
  • Digital quantitation of highly amplified genes
  • Specific detection of bi-allelic and multi-allelic number of copies

 nCounter® v2 Cancer CN Assay Gene List

nCounter® v2 Cancer CN Assay Gene List

Feature Specifications
Genomic regions analyzed in one reaction 87 genes commonly amplified or deleted in cancer (average 3 probes/region)
Recommended amount of starting material 300 ng total genomic DNA
Sample types supported
Human genomic DNA from FFPE samples, fresh or frozen tissue, or cell lines
Number of copies detected 0-4, multiallelic
nCounter® Prep Station throughput 12 samples < 2.5 hours
nCounter® Digital Analyzer throughput 12 samples / 2.7 hours
Controls 54 invariant genomic regions and spike-in process controls

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Product Description Catalog Number Unit Size

nCounter® v2 Cancer CN Assay

Enables copy number quantification for 87 genes commonly amplified or deleted in cancer. Optimized for FFPE analysis. Master Kits sold separately. XT-CSO-CAN2-12 12 reactions

nCounter® Human Karyotype Panel

Accurate monitoring of gross chromosomal abnormalities for all 24 human chromosomes. Master Kits sold separately. XT-CSO-KAR15-12 12 reactions


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.