Custom Solutions Overview

Content that is Flexible for Any Organism, Any Gene, Any Project

The nCounter® platform offers the flexibility to tailor assay content to meet individual project needs with a triad of custom solutions.

Product Assay type maximum targets daily sample throughput analytes offered common applications
Custom CodeSets User-designed, turn-key solution that comes ready-to-use 800 24-96 mRNA, miRNA, CNV, Fusions Model organisims, microbes, agriculture
Elements™ TagSets Self-assembled, interchangeable probes, optimized for smaller validation projects with maximum flexibility 216 24-96 mRNA, CNV, Fusions Gene Signature Development
PlexSet™ Reagents Self-assembled, interchangeable probes for high-throughput, sample multiplexing projects 96 192-1152 mRNA, Fusions Cell line drug screen, biomarker development, infectious disease


Custom CodeSets - Design your nCounter CodeSet in one of two ways: select targets and create your assay with our nDesign™ Gateway web-based tool, or collaborate with our BioInformatics team for more complex assay designs and rare organisms. Explore nDesign or contact us today to get started!

Elements TagSets – For small-scale projects, Elements chemistry enables the detection and quantitation of RNA and DNA targets by hybridizing to target-specific oligonucleotide probes, purchased from an oligo supplier. 

PlexSet Reagents - Generate up to 9,216 data points per run; design custom probes or choose from pre-selected pathway panels. PlexSet chemistry enables the detection of RNA targets by hybridizing to target-specific oligonucleotide probes, purchased from an oligo supplier. 

Plus Content

Rather have an off-the-shelf assay but with customization? Our Panel-Plus option allows you to customize any off-the-shelf nCounter Gene Expression Panel by adding 6 to 30 user-defined probes. Visit the Panel-Plus page for more information.

You may also use this option to update any Custom CodeSet previously ordered with new genes of your choice. Visit the CodeSet-Plus page for more information.


Custom CodeSets Hybridization Diagram



Custom CodeSets, Elements TagSets, and PlexSet Reagents are For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures