Custom Solutions

NanoString offers custom solutions to suit the needs of a wide range of projects and can be designed to any organism with a known sequence. For genomics applications, our bioinformatics team can perform designs based on public databases or user-provided sequence data across a broad spectrum of analyte types and organisms. For protein applications, NanoString offers options to build digital counting assays based on user-provided antibodies. Contact us to discuss your design.

Custom CodeSets

Turn-key reagents for analysis RNA and DNA. These reagents are commonly used for the following types of analysis: Gene Expression, Gene Fusions, Splice Variants, Copy Number Variation, and lncRNA Expression.

PlexSet Reagents

Turn-key, gene expression analysis reagents for high sample multiplexing projects ranging from 3 to 96 RNA targets. Up to 96 probes across 96 samples to generate 9,216 data points per run.

Elements TagSets

Elements TagSets are reagents that can be combined with user-specified oligonucleotides to be used in assays on the nCounter® System. These reagents offer a high-degree of flexibility in signature development. nCounter Elements reagents are for Research Use Only and are not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Contract Services

Our customers use NanoString Contract Manufacturing Services to develop their own gene expression, gene fusion, and DNA copy number laboratory assays to support diagnosis and prognosis with nCounter® Technology. Some examples of how we can help:

  • Reagent Manufacturing: NanoString can build reagents to your specifications to support your clinical assay development needs
  • Study Design Consultation: NanoString can provide technical support as you prepare and conduct your validation studies
  • Algorithm Refinement:  NanoString can help refine your signature algorithm to maximize robustness prior to locking it down for analytical and clinical validation
  • Leveraging Third Parties for Clinical Report Generation: NanoString has partnered with vendors who can develop a clinical report compatible with NanoString data


miRGE assays enable analysis of miRNA and mRNA simultaneously in the same reaction. Users can select miRNAs from our menu of available assays and have probes built to customer-defined mRNA transcripts. The probes for mRNA and miRNA are combined into a single CodeSet making for very efficient analysis.

Protein Barcoding Service

A service to develop customized protein assays utilizing uniquely barcoded customer-provided antibodies for 3D Biology applications

CodeSet Plus and Panel Plus

Small custom CodeSets that can be added to other CodeSets or Panels to update or augment their content.

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