nSolver™ Analysis Software

Version 4.0 now available

nSolver Analysis Software is an integrated analysis platform for storage, custom QC, and custom normalization of nCounter data. Generate highly-customized exports, basic statistical outputs, and publication-quality figures quickly and easily with the no incremental cost.

  • Recommended quality control on samples/lanes
  • Tunable normalization and fold-change measurements
  • Statistical significance testing
  • Advanced Analysis modules based on R programming language
  • Comprehensive and detailed searches from anywhere in the application
  • Compatible with standard analysis programs including; Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, Partek Genomics Suite, BioDiscovery Nexus Copy Number, Advaita iPathwayGuide
  • Integrated with nDesign™ Gateway


  1. Click on any of the below links to Log in or register for a NanoString account. Once you are logged in, the download will automatically start:
  2. (Optional) Download nCounter® Advanced Analysis Software (version 2.0.134)

Box Plots
Box plots are non-parametric analyses that display differences between subsets of an experiment without making any assumptions about the underlying statistical distribution. They display the range of data as well as the extents of each quartile.

Heat Maps
Heat maps use agglomerative clustering, a bottom-up form of hierarchical clustering that merges pairs of clusters as they move up the hierarchy. This makes inferences about the relationships of all data sets to each other and is often used to evaluate gene expression.

Scatter Plots
Scatter plots compare raw, normalized, grouped, or ratio data by plotting individual data points using Cartesian coordinates and assigning one variable to each axis. They can be used to identify trends in the relationship between two variables with little or no manipulation.

Violin Plots
Violin plots are similar to box plots in that they display the range of data. However, they also show the density of values along an axis, much like a histogram. They can be used to illustrate relative gene expression in different cell populations over time.

Histograms display the distribution of data that have been binned into discrete intervals. They are used to estimate the probability distribution of a continuous variable.



Supported OS versions

Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.10 - 10.11


Pentium Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 at 2.4 GHz


300 MB hard disk space + at least 1GB for caches


1 GB required, 2 GB RAM recommended

Additional Java requirements for Macintosh

Java 7 or higher

Screen resolution


Graphics device

XQuartz for Macintosh users

Supported browsers

Edge, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari

R (required for Advanced Analysis only)

R 3.3.2

Additional requirements for Advanced Analysis only

Additional 3rd party packages, Internet connection with access to certain domains with static and dynamic IP address required for Advanced Analysis


Gene Expression Overview

nSolver Software Installation (Windows)

nSolver Software Installation (Mac)

Data QC for Gene Expression

nSolver 3D Data QuickStart

nSolver Data Import for Gene Expression Data

nSolver Experiment Wizard

nSolver Basic visualizations


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