NanoString® has partnered globally with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to make the nCounter® Analysis System widely accessible for outsourcing critical projects. Our goal is to connect with organizations large and small to help expand your reach and capabilities for studies around the world.

United States

Baylor Genomic and RNA Profiling Core

Canopy Biosciences

Core Diagnostics

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Institute for Systems Biology

LabCorp Clinical Trials

MD Anderson Cancer Center



Ohio State University - Comprehensive Cancer

Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute - San Diego

University of Arizona Genetics Core

University of California Irvine

University of California Santa Cruz

University of Miami - Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Minnesota

University of Pittsburgh

University of Southern California

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Q2 Solutions | EA Genomics


United Kingdom

University of Manchester

University of Liverpool

University of Newcastle

University College London

Q2 Solutions | EA Genomics



Pater MacCallum Cancer Centre

University of Sydney




Flanders Institute of Biotechnology




Centre for Heart, Lung, Innovation

University of Alberta - Edmonton

University of Calgary: SACRI

University Health Network




Institut Curie

IntegraGen Genomics




University of Heidelberg

University Medical Center Göttingen

MOLBIZ Molekular Biologisches Zentrum

Assays, Biophysics & Screening




Frontiers in Genetics to University of Geneva

University of Lausanne



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