NCI Collaboration

Are you involved in a clinical trial funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI)?  If so, you can take advantage of NanoString’s collaboration with the NCI to gain special access to our PanCancer IO 360TM Gene Expression Panel and data analysis service. 

This collaboration supports NCI efforts to implement novel strategies to correlate therapeutic treatment with patient response across a range of tumor types by incorporating the PanCancer IO 360 panel into select active and future NCI-sponsored clinical trials.

This 770 gene panel for Research Use Only (RUO) allows you to characterize mechanisms of tumor immune evasion and identify targetable therapeutic pathways by leveraging several gene signatures that describe key biological processes such as the 18 gene Tumor Inflammation Signature (learn more about the Biological Signatures in the PanCancer IO 360 Gene Expression Panel). You can also add up to 30 genes of interest as a Panel Plus customization to fully tailor the biological content of the panel to meet your needs.

Gene expression heatmap showing an overview of the various signature scores across different samples:



Selected signature scores for a representative sample with the TIS score in the center:


Legend: Scores range from approximately 0-10; for most scores, a value of 5 is average. Each unit increase in score corresponds to a doubling of the biological process it measures. Color denotes each signature's biological function.

Journal of Immunotherapy for Cancer:

Pan-cancer adaptive immune resistance as defined by the Tumor Inflammation Signature (TIS): results from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)

Poster - Karen Leroy, CERTIM:

The tumor inflammation signature is predictive of anti-PD1 treatment benefit in the CERTIM pan-cancer cohort


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