Abcam Partnership

Customize GeoMx® DSP protein assays to meet your spatial needs

  • 1280px-Abcam_logo.svg.pngPB_MK1806_DSP_IO_Protein_PB_R10_CoreModules.png Choose from over 6,000 IHC-validated antibodies to customize a GeoMx protein assay

  • Select a GeoMx Protein Core, up to 6 GeoMx Modules, and custom antibodies for 96-plex readout on the nCounter platform
  • Consult with Abcam for recommendations of IHC-validated recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies to fit your research
  • To learn more or order GeoMx-formatted custom antibodies visit Abcam


Custom Modules Powered by Abcam Recombinant RabMAb® Antibodies

  • Abcam’s a la carte offering of recombinant RabMAb® antibodies have been developed via Abcam’s patented antibody discovery platform
  • The use of recombinant antibodies overcomes genetic drift and subsequent batch variability


Technology Overview

  • Stain slide with GeoMx-conjugated antibodies from NanoString and Abcam
  • Choose regions of interest on GeoMx DSP based on morphology markers of choice
  • Quantify up to 96 protein targets for readout on the nCounter platform


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.