It's Time to Move Forward

Prosigna is powered by nCounter® digital technology¹

Now, local qualified laboratories can generate precise gene expression profiling1.

Since 2008, NanoString's nCounter® technology has been changing the way researchers study gene expression. Now we are applying the same technology that has led to hundreds of peer-reviewed publications to breast cancer diagnostics. Fully automated and easy to use, the nCounter-based Prosigna assay allows you to quickly and accurately analyze breast cancer gene expression and make informed treatment decisions.

  • Strong analytical performance: sensitive, precise, and quantitative
  • Single-tube multiplexing: all 50 Prosigna genes are measured in a single reaction - no amplification required
  • Easy to use: fully automated, intuitive user interface

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3. Geiss GK, Bumgarner RE, Birditt B, et al. Direct multiplexed measurement of gene expression with color-coded probe pairs. Nat Biotechnol. 2008;26(3):317-325

Prosigna is indicated for in vitro diagnostic use in postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive, node-negative (Stage I or II), or node-positive (Stage II) breast cancer to be treated with adjuvant endocrine therapy for assessment of risk of distant recurrence of disease.